Gia debuts wonderfully by doing ample justice to her role with the same name. Kareena Kapoor Khan snapped on the sets of her upcoming film. The film is narrated by the 60 yr old, Amitabh Bachan and is about his love with a young girl Jia. And as for all those of you who’ve parroting the name of Vladimir Nabakov’s masterpiece, here’s the real scoop: Nasser as her brother in the film is effective. Wearing her sexuality on her sleeve, Jiah sashays in and out of scenes, showing so much thigh, you feel like you’re in a mutton shop.

On the contrary, he plays a character who cannot resist the desire and temptation for a young girl. Through the hazy bluegreen tint of the camera we come across the stark white spikes of Amitabh Bachchan’s french beard in extreme close up, as he starts his narration — as he, standing on the edge of a rocky precipice, tells the story of a girl that drove him to thoughts of suicide. Amitabh plays Vijay, an introverted, no-nonsense photographer who lives in the heart of a massive tea estate with his wife Amrita Revathy. The film leaves you stunned for a minute or 2 after the end as you come back to your surroundings. She is pretty and sexy-acting, has some idea of her sexual power and tries to use it, but she is also unquestionably a psychological mess, a mixed-up little girl who displays and provokes. Jiah Khan’s acting was quite good for her first film.

It’s everything that makes for a good character study. The cinematography and the camera angles are superb. Despite working off a script that borrows generously from the Drew Barrymore thriller Poison Scrne, Ram Gopal Varma makes it very clear he’s back in form as he sinks his teeth into what is perhaps his first all-out emotional, character drama.

The performances of Big B and his wife are great. A young girl Jiah captures her friend’s father’s heart by being unusually carefree and unbelievably audacious.

The Ajay Devgn and Madhuri Dixit starrer comedy entertainer collects big on its second day. This is again my second screening scen the film. I suspect most people, women particularly are going to have a problem with the film’s ending.

I don’t take these incongruities as faults, though I must admit they were quite distracting at times. The theme music that is continuously played in the BG adds that something special to the film which makes the film even more sccene to watch.


Jiah Khan to go sexy?

Remember the toughest roles to play are the ones that are too simple, too normal. Mar 2, Then his daughter falls and he has to take this girl around places so she is not bored and is daughter finds out. Bachchan’s performance stands out. I thought that the very fact that they were in stark contrast with the film itself was an interesting way to depict the inner conflict of the characters. So the Bollywood convention would have him labeled a ‘weak’ character.

Ram Gopal Varma is definitely the main star here. If we really get into various kinds of symbolisms, blue also stands for virtues like truth, honesty and fidelity. Not to mention being watchable in the same time, and out of the forever-and-ever learned-by-heart old formula with the endless needless songs, numbers, etc.

What was the need of slowing the scene down with dramatic background music?

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Yet while The Fall is painfully powerful, the rest doesn’t quite gel. Ram Gopal manages to build up and portray the sexual tension between Amitabh and Jia very realistically and the film delivers sceene truly powerful moments.

While it’s more or less clear why Jiah falls for Bachchan, you are yourself expected to interpret his reason for responding to her affections. That is the reason she falls for the father of scnee friend.

Many things about his character remain vocally unsaid, but it is his expressions and his glances that make them explicit. This is a film after all and at least better than those Bhagam Bhag and all those so called Hor.

After all, the ‘old man falling for a young girl’ is not new in Hollywood by any stretch of imagination. Mature, sensitive and sensible. The film opens in the insanely green Munnar, the kind of casually breathtaking locale that gives Kerala a good shout at that Divine Country claim. Jiah Khan’s character wasn’t fleshed out adequately especially attempting to portray a product from a broken family goes astray on moral front.


Advancing in great strides. By steering clear of the potential ‘sexuality’ and focusing on the ‘love’, it might have robbed the movie off some of nisabd shine. BiswajitSince 5 March What happens when instinct collides with conscience in your choice, what choice you make? No matter how much the director wants us to believe that Vijay did it for the well being of Jiah, it becomes impossible to digest.

American Beauty did nishabc. The film leaves you stunned for a minute or 2 after the end as you come back to your surroundings. Amitabh-what can I say about this man?

Hot Jiah Khan in Nishabd

Of course, the camera cannot enter the minds of the characters, but it comes very close. RGV toyed with the media in an attempt to garner free publicity. The Times of India. The aqua blue cinematography was excellent that really did suited the mood for the film and it’s similar to Zinda. It is a popular notion in Bollywood that acting is about speaking punchy dialogues, shedding tears, delivering monologues and giving intense facial expressions.

Jia’s father leaves them when she was a kid.

He also manages to extract a phenomenal performance from The Megastarwho proves he’s always, always capable of making your jaw drop. From the start or nearly from the startthe story speaks for itself. The Indra Kumar directorial registers the highest first-weekend collection of The best thing about the movie is that they didn’t fall in love oht first sight. We got the chance to see this actor few times during a long journey with mostly commercial movies. The way the camera captures each and every expression of the lead actors needs to be given standing ovations.

The way the first half is shown, the only conclusion you can draw is that both the protagonists are sexually attracted to each other.

This attraction, though not uncommon, is seldom expressed in real life.

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