When they return to Charlie’s house, they are surprised to find Alan there with a tipsy Millie. Right, no, we have to consider variegated terrain and a considerable time gap. Also working the case is Don’s former flame, Liz Warner. Amita Ramanujan Sophina Brown A corporate jet crashes in a forest and Charlie tries to determine the cause by analyzing the plane’s flight computer. The investigation reveals a similar death occurred six months earlier in Las Vegas, also with David’s friend in the ring. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Don soon learns that the track’s owner has ties to organized crime. Start your free trial. The Art of Reckoning A former mob hit man, now on death row, agrees to cooperate in the investigations of several unsolved murders and show agents where he buried some bodies, but Don questions the man’s motives. When they return to Charlie’s house, they are surprised to find Alan there with a tipsy Millie. Rob Morrow ‘s real-life wife Debbon Ayer was cast as a victim. American Series Number Please. The team then learns that he was Slobodan Radovic, a Serbian war criminal who had murdered the home invaders’ families in Croatia. Also, Alan worries that Charlie isn’t being responsible about keeping up the house.

Doctor Iverson Delilah Cotto The Fishers are brought in for questioning, and they tell geets FBI that the investment banker asked them to help hide Don’s attacker. Season 5 Episode From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars.

When we met just now, was I coming out or going in to the library?

Numb3rs: Don eppes shot?

Finders Keepers Don investigates when a deep-sea salvage diver turns up dead in the net of a fishing boat with a bullet hole in him. Also, Larry voices doubts about his relationship with Megan. Charlie rushes to the hospital, joined by his girlfriend and colleague Dr.


American Series Number Please.

Colby Granger Navi Rawat The investigation reveals the boy’s father is the eipsode in three separate police investigations involving drugs, organized crime, and gangs. Back at home, Alan is sued over a driving-range project he worked on.

NUMB3RS Season 3: Episodes–Wolfram Research Math Notes

They also learn that the home invaders’ true target was Don’s attacker. Back on campus, Charlie becomes concerned when he learns that Larry collaborated on a published article with someone else. The Fifth Man 24 Apr 8.

The evidence dpn the player’s steroid use is confirmed through an advanced system of statistical analysis created by a young man who plays fantasy baseball, and Charlie tries to determine how the stats are linked to the player’s murder.

The Fifth Man

Don informs the team that he can return to part-time desk duty upon his release from the hospital and that he can return to full-time work in a con weeks. Nine Wives Don searches for the leader of a polygamous group who is suspected of beating and raping a year-old girl found nearly dead on a desert road.

Don and his FBI team investigate a possible terrorist attack on Los Angeles after they learn that a deadly substance may be in the city’s water supply. That’s just the epiisode it works. Watch Now With Prime Video. The case was one of the few times in which David and Colby, who were friends with each other, had to adjust to being in an employer-employee relationship.

Charlie wants to stay with Don, but Alan tells Charlie that Don would want Charlie to continue working on the case. Articles with short description Television episode articles with short description for single episodes.


Don and Charlie hunt for a serial letter bomber and disagree over whether a key suspect, who eluded conviction once before, is responsible for the latest murder. Share this Rating Title: Trivia Don Epps hospital visitors all bring Hello Kitty balloons when they visit, totaling three.

A record-company owner’s year-old son is kidnapped while delivering newspapers and his two bodyguards are gunned down.

Making matters more difficult for Don and his Stabned colleagues, a second group of robbers is also after the stolen goods.

Tom Kardum Michelle Nolden Also, Amita confronts Charlie over his coolness toward her.

The probe reveals the victim may have been trying to locate a sunken racing yacht worth millions, or he may have been involved with drug smugglers. Retrieved September 16, Hardball A professional baseball player trying to make a comeback to the major leagues dies after he is given a lethal injection of steroids.

After everyone else leaves the room, both brothers agree that neither of them initially wanted Charlie to experience Don’s life. The investigation reveals that students at the school have a higher than normal rate of illnesses, including cancer. Back epsiode home, Alan prepares to play chess with novice Stabbex.

Let me ask one thing. Retrieved September 12, Also, Larry makes a stunning announcement that Charlie finds difficult to believe. The investigation reveals a similar death occurred six months earlier in Las Vegas, also with David’s friend in the ring. Larry generally advises him to steer clear of messy human-interaction problems, while Alan nudges him toward a better understanding of human nature.

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