We played the chocolate game. Hide ads with VIP. But let us look at the bright side shall we? Will delete all history just in case…. My boyfriend is thirsting over a bunch of Kpop rappers named b t s or something like that Back again after lunch and being in lalaland for 14 blissful minutes!!

Click on the link below. So, maybe the reactions of the SB not coming at all may sound upsetting but I think the intended reaction is suppose to be a lighthearted one. Group 2 it is! Not only will I miss PK after next Tuesday but I will also miss reading the wonderful comments as well. PK can really cause such an uproar!! Popular Lists Related lists from users Create a list. I love mayssenger red avatar too and itadakimasu and comicsgilz blue ones are my favs! Korean Drama Hindi 6 months ago.

Spoilers for Playful Kiss YT Episode 7

Like Ockoala said, I have found other dramas to cure myself already too. I have no independent verification this is indeed the actual leaked script, though it appears highly credible.

Release a MV entitled: On this channel you can watch the hottest Chinese TV dramas with English subtitles! I would be satisfied if they showed unaired steamy scenes in the BTS specials!! She falls in love with him immediately. Even any birthday boat?


I jinjja love these 7 dorks! With the staggering current volume of 7. If you like, please subscribe If you are good at Spanish, Indo or whatever language you are good at, here is the link you can add the subtitle.

On second thought, that is way too perverted. OR You can watch it at Dramacrazy. Like someone else said, maybe he meant there to be a steamy love scene, but the decision to have it be shown ultimately comes down to production, Epissode think.

PK me loves you! I Hear You Ep 15 Dramacrxzy gg eldaron 7 days ago. Not only will I miss PK after next Tuesday but I will also miss reading the wonderful comments as well.

Motives EP is Available now! Can the pure love of Ep 3 watched raw didnt understand crap…. When is the best time of year to visit Japan and South Korea?

You guys do know that not all is written down on the script.

Spoilers for Playful Kiss YT Episode 7 | A Koala’s Playground

We had so much fun enjoying the lively steam boat discussion in this playground. I look forward to their each or together project!


Does Kissing Equal Dating? Anything can happen between the time he lets out the expectation scenes original planned for to ep 7 which shooting ended last week?

Playful Kiss Episode Download Links – Playful Kiss

Skip to primary content. A frost flower fairy who is unable to Imoaraizaka Kakaricho Irie Shigeki [Naoki’s father]. I have been waiting since morning from you anything about PK. High School Japanese remake. Lol at you both. Just my opinion and yes, I am bias towards HJ! Watch full episodes of The Rich Son: Pretty indecent I must say.

Kotoko initially doesn’t express her feelings to him, but finally has a chance to tell him how she feels.

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