For the last one, I’m not sure. Anonymous August 6, at It’s a good idea to add the storm clouds as you will need them later. Anonymous May 21, at 4: Allan Dye May 19, at 9: You also need to drop a Half Pygmy on a normal pygmy’s head as well.

Anonymous May 22, at 7: For don’t let a sleeping pygmy lie Be quick though, it keeps moving. The active episode icon appears on the corner, that you can tap to go back and view your progress. Anonymous June 12, at 3: Drop the meteor or the T-Rex egg on Charlie’s head. Anonymous May 20, at 3:

I need 3 chalenges, the ghoost, the island of gods, that i can only end with the ghost and the 40th but I am kind lazy of this one.

Cool off an overheated pygmy?? – Pocket God Answers for iPhone – iPad (iOS)

For something on your back, think of bananas. Im done with all of them i only need winr pygmys performance?????? We’re still on the double rainbow mithty From now on, I shall only give hints to hints.


Anonymous May 25, at 1: Anonymous May 23, at Platypus5 May 19, at 7: Philipp May 25, at 6: To do this, you have to generate the hurricane again. Drop a monkey on Charlie’s back.

Pocket God Answers for iPhone – iPad

Anonymous May 20, at 1: Anonymous May 22, at 3: Test and Tag brisbane rcd testing services brisbane. Anonymous May 18, at Anonymous August 13, at 2: When it pulls out the fish, pick the pygmy up and put eepisode down.

And anyone who reads the comic might recognize the ruins on God Island. Be quick though, it keeps moving.

Drop a shark on his head. Anonymous May 25, at They are hidden for those who don’t want the hint, but it’s there if you need it.

What happens inside the tomb? Ep Put him on the ice? Complete all the tasks for that episode, and you will acquire a God Idol for that episode. Unless you mean Ep 38 or 18 instead of This will generate the hurricane.


Wait untill the next update. Anonymous May 24, at 8: Rpisode already finished all the challenges! Anonymous June 8, at 6: Args August 13, at It may not be an animal.

Drop the meteor or the T-Rex egg on Charlie’s head. Tap the banana tree and wait for the monkey to come. Drag the lightning down to the wood and release. I need help with the charlie ones I have about 4 left the one that’s listed is about the dark cloud over charlies head. You probably want to change that!

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