Naru becomes worried that she didn’t get June’s autograph, much to Ann and Ito’s dismay. No hentai is allowed in any case. They do not contain questionable content ex: Chisato asks the girls to invite their parents over to Prism Stone for formal greetings, deciding that the meeting will coincide with Ann’s My Song debut. At that moment, a mysterious girl named Rinne asks her if she can see “rainbow music. So Kouji sings Naru’s song to make her feel better and it succeeded, Naru performs her prism jump and also successfully do 3 jumps like Bell. Wakana already knew Ann’s feelings, creating the whole ruse in order to make Ann be honest with her. A recurring mysterious penguin-like creature has been eating the sweets made by Ann at Prism Stone.

She thanks Hiro in the end. Over the Rainbow Session” Transcription: Bell and her mother mend their relationship, because after the sleepover at Naru’s she realized there is more than one way to show love. Yuuki no Fezaa ” Japanese: December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Rinne gets lost, and Naru attempts to find her, bumping into Kouji, who is a student of the school.

Wakana’s mother finally tells her husband off after his nonchalant attitude toward Wakana’s Prism Show and refusal to deny the job offer and cancel the move. Click to load comments. She asks her parents to come see her last performance with her dear friends Bell and Otoha, but her father though he promised to come, is detained at work.

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Naru is tasked with finding someone to be in charge of Prism Pretfy makeup corner. After Hiro begins mocking Kouji, Kazuki challenges him to a dance battle – if Kazuki were to win, the song will belong to Ann. Please use our search form before sending new request! The crowd cheers for Naru not to give up and manages to restore all 7 Sparkles despite having a low score.


Either way I like these kinds of episodes, even if the prstty and character side of things is still lacking. One day, she finds out that the manager of a newly-opened shop is recruiting middle school girls who can do Prism Dance, and immediately applies. Ito’s mother and brother visits her at the venue.

She thanks Hiro in the end.

Rinne promised a show to kindergartners so Ann does one. Kouji saw this and tries to help but Hiro doesn’t want him too because he thinks he’s better than him. The Prism Stone girls learn that Bell, Wakana, and Otoha are preparing for the Dreaming Session, an upcoming Prism Show tournament, in which they decide to dpisode themselves.

Wakana successfully performs three consecutive Prism Jumps. Wakana successfully performs a Prism Live with the help of Ethni. As the search for a new manager begins, the gang reminsices the past year as Prism Stars. The Prism Sparkle has disappeared, and everything becomes useless including the rink, Prism Space, and everyone’s attempt to prefty prism jumps. If she were real, I would support her!

Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 33

Ann lends her a hand, and is offered a chance to work at Prism Stone, in charge of handle the shop’s sweets corner. However, Naru is unable to come up with something special to do at the event, but finds inspiration with rhhythm help of Rinne.


You can also use the keyboard shortcuts to control the player Note: Dear My Future in its initial timeslot and was succeeded by Pretty Rhythm: Tatsunoko Production Date aired: Retrieved from ” https: Bell’s mother plans for her to perform a Prism Live at a party at Dear Crown. After Rinne consoles Ito about what happened, she breaks into tears, while Kouji is in turmoil following their breakup.

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Before their show begins, Naru and Bell go to visit Rinne again. Note – This episode has recounted as the 3rd episode of Pretty Rhythm: Wakana already knew Ann’s feelings, creating the whole ruse in order to make Ann be honest with her. Yuuki no Fezaa ” Japanese: Pretty Rhythm Lists of anime episodes.

Wakana is so cute. It is revealed that Kouji’s father was the man killed in the accident during which Ito’s father was driving. The secret behind the accident involving Ito’s father and Kouji’s father gets revealed. This whole event mends the rift in their friendship, and they pull off a spectacular duo show. Since it’s a free performance, Naru makes the audience sing then Ito and Ann join her to do their Prism Lives.

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