A dialogue must be pointed towards a clear direction , unlike daily conversation. Affa Zakie 13 Agustus A story will never be fully understood without an understanding of the events that use groove, causality. But do you know what happens then? In general, comparative literature speaks of the relationship between the two literary works of different cultures but has parallels of form and content. Lore is the tradition of folk , which is a partly inherited culture in hereditary orally. Comparative literature is one of the sciences that emphasize the comparison of two or more works to be able to determine the similarity of the work.

Some of it are as follows: Saran saya ceritanya bisa lebih dipersingkat terima kasih Plot The plot is a storyline that is in the works to give a series of events organized to be part fiction and non-fiction, so that became the framework in the story. How dare you claim to be my mother. Plot is events from start to finish. Parody is a reversed facts and reality in purpose of providing something to be laughed about. The differences of drama with other genres:

The climax is the point where the direction will be intended by the plot. Due to the diligent worked, Boncel believed to be assessor.

Chapter I introduction Background of the Study

And God granted her wish. These two have the same stories about children who were disobedient. Saran saya ceritanya bisa lebih dipersingkat terima kasih Therefore, a literary work can be said to be worth when in the literary works contains properties or important things that are beneficial to the reader. It has a lot of merchant ships with men of more than people. Makasih byk kak, gk ush repot2 lagi ubah ke bahasa inggris buat story telling.

Suddenly, a thunderstorm came. The characteristics of folklore is as follows: Reading literature can know and recognize specific of people’s lives, because they essentially literature is a reflection draja the life propdrti society. The type character; a character who act smart and correct.

Until he ukndang the village and met some a hunterfinally Boncel brought to Garut and worked. Significance of the Study This significance of this study can be classified into two parts: Style and atmosphere Style and atmosphere could be limited by an appreciation which done by the author.


When Dalem Boncel retired, Boncel who were change it. Unknown 9 Desember She prays to god, to give Malin a well-deserved punishment. After a long time, Malin and his wife went to his village.

Empathy and aesthetic distance A medium that should be researched and understood in literature is empathy and aesthetic distance. Mudah banget dihafal dalam waktu 1 hari. Lore is the tradition of folkwhich is a partly inherited culture in hereditary orally.

The foil; a character who help explaining another character. Galaxy Gaming 1 Februari A story will never be kundqng understood without an understanding of the events that use groove, causality. A dialogue must be pointed towards a clear directionunlike daily conversation. Drama is the science that stages a work of art that usually works the text is removed from myths or legends that exist in the community. Long dgama ago, in a small village near the beach in West Sumatera, lived a woman and her son, Malin Kundang.

The job of a scriptwriter and play director is to build a harmony between those two elements. Affa Zakie 13 Agustus Drama as a literary works is actually temporary, since the screenplay is written as a basis to be staged.

In charge of developing the complications of conflict, the heroes or protagonist encounter a distraction, obstacles of its objectives; he made errors, in this complications we can learn as well as observe the type of person the protagonist actually is. A dialogue is used to portrait every event that has taken place during the play and also must portray the thoughts and feelings of every character who is involved in the dialogue.

Story Telling: Malin Kundang

The theoretical foundation is aimed to give direction how the research should be conducted. Folklore is the story told orally in ancient times to communicate advice or entertainment for the local community, with folklore also one characteristic in one area. The readers can kundagn the personality of a character through its utterances verbal and actions non verbal. Malin Kundang immediately release her mother’s arms and pushed it down.


A large group of non-oral folklore can be divided into two subgroups, which is material and non-material. Unknown 2 Oktober The differences of drama with other genres: The propertj intercultural and transnational field of comparative literature concerns itself with the relation between literature, broadly defined, and other spheres of human activity, including history, politics, philosophyand science.

According to James Danandjaja Literary work is a very important unttuk of art that had a great impact in our life, because we can express ourselves by words which can describe our feelings and thoughts.

Therefore, it can be concluded that comparative literature is comparative study that compares two kinds of literary works from across national borders, across periods, etc to find its relationship related to the context.

In the mwlinMalin was adopted by a rich family which made him a nobleman. The middle part of the story begins with the things that can lead to conflict because at the center of this story in the form of a series of conflicts that higher intensity and reach the summit and called the climax of a story. She is very sad. Diposting oleh Margaretha Nathalie di Kinds of literature and drama medium The many kinds of medium included in literature and drama is an important point which could determine the success of a play.

But do you know what happens then? Research Questions In this study, the research questions are made mainly based on the background of the study aboveto reach the purpose of this paper, the writer will be conducted to answer the questions that is formulated in this question: The objective of this study is to find out the similarities on the plot Karma Sang Pendosa with Malin Kundang. By using a real things such as flowers, light and darkness.

According to William Kenney A poor young man from village eventually became Dalem.

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