Eun Seol warns him that kissing someone without their permission is like what the pervert did to her on the bus. Can anyone offer insight on the JaeJeong love. Two episodes in and I love Protect the Boss to pieces. The Chairman slaps Ji Heon across the face, asking his son to please give a reason. This garners him great press. I am hoping atleast in one drama, the second lead whom i adorably love here, gets the leading lady. September 30, at 4:

The boys walk out of the meeting, running into Eun Seol who asks how the meeting went. It looks like he put votox around his mouth. He composed and wrote lyrics. Thank you so much for your super timely recap. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: D i am dying of the cuteness of the scenes where NES wakes him up and he gets angry in a cute way in the shower: Brother was I wrong. Ji Sung also acts really well!

And eplsode Chairman in that crazy costume dancing!! The Chairman dramarcazy and says he feels this kinship with Dramacrazu Seol. Birdie September 29, at 8: Protect The Boss – Episode 2. I almost pitied her when I knew that she fully realized that she too has no choice. Wish it was recapped here as always, but I mustn’t expect to have my cake and eat it too The Chairman ends up giving his anniversary speech to a gymnasium filled with bored kids as part of his community service that day.

I happened to read 2 translation of 2 korean male fans who did not know anything about Jaejoong, except he is in idol group called JYJ. The drama ended on a rather middling ratings note Protect The Boss – Episode 3.

Eun Seol gives Ji Heon his schedule for the day and explains his training involves language lessons.

Jules September 29, at 7: While the leads Ji Sung and Choi Kang-hee were already successful in their careers, the quirky romance between the eccentric boss and his feisty secretary has given both their images a bit of a boost. The weird thing is, I totally understand how he went down that way. Her eyes widen as she absorbs the enormity of what he just said.


No no I am Eisode coz I luv to see heartwrenching moments in dramas with the protagonists oozing with heartbreaks and sadness!! Love, love, love everything about this drama. They keep walking, and Ji Heon continues his charm attack. XD can’t blame them though. Each episode is full of emotions!! Eun Seol is cleaning while Ji Heon tries to manuveur her cleaning so that she can see the first aid kit.

There has been a lot of physical violence epusode this drama though done in a tongue-in-cheek way without any relevance to reality. And Jae, biss v-neck shirt please?

Yes there were a few serious moments, but they were very rare and scattered sparsely throughout the drama. I love Moo Won in love, prottect.

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Do yourself a favor and watch it. Such a complicated character! Na Yoon tries to slap Eun Seol who easily grabs her hand. They are so sure of who these characters are, and have completely committed to the extreme.

Luv him to death!! I’ll try to watch some of it this weekend Ji Heon gets up on stage to give the speech, where his dad, grandma, and the management of the company are all present. Ji Heon is not having any dramacrazyy it and tells her to leave. It gets ridiculously good by around episode 8 – I know that’s a bit of a wait, and I’m not saying the first few episodes aren’t good because they’re definitely cute and interesting, but I wasn’t addicted until later on, when the stakes get raised to hte whole new level.

Thanks and keep them coming koala!


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D omg this drama is on the way to be a legend for me hope i am not speaking too early btw the ratings are around I want to let you know how much I appreciate your work. Moo Won thinks back to Ji Heon running out of the meeting and finally makes the connection.

Jiheon just comes across as an overgrown kid to me a lot of the time. Btw thanks for making the recaps for the episodes miss koala! He watches her car pull away with a smile. Ha, love him as a daddy. God, this might never get old for me.

MW the perfect business executive and man is the best one for the job. Ji Heon touches his heart and ask Eun Seol to touch his wrist and hear how fast his heart is beating.

I thought I was in for a cure of my woes, well sorta, until the last few episodes kinda got too serious, the last episode made me cry and it’s not even my proposal!?!

He gets nervous and calls out No Eun Seol and looking for her.


Thanks Koala for the recap. While Ji Heon is a one-track mind and one-woman heart, Moo Won appears to genuinely having feelings of different degrees for two woman.

Eun Seol calls Moo Won out to meet with her. Ji Heon freezes and stammers epjsode his speech will be concluded by his secretary.

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