There is no mention of how you interact with the screen apart from the Keyboard, I mean. The angle of the screen makes it ideal for cramped spaces, whether travelling or sitting on a rock hard seat at a conference. I got it to within 4 pence accuracy per week caused by the rounding errors. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class. For parts or not working. So LOC E

Psion Spreadsheet for Series 3a. Don’t know about how it looks on a tablet, but for touch screens 5″ or less, this is the way to go, IMHO. HDX Blog Series 4: Sticky rubber case on 3c Jul 6 th, at 3: Stylus docking mechanisms were made of plastic and could break, leading to loss of the stylus. I’ve not seen a Psion 3c in the “flesh”, so to speak, but does it by any chance have one of those “rubbery” type coverings?

When done, remove all traces of the fluid with a damp cloth and then dry thoroughly. Official Toyota scion site.

Feb 24 that 4: Other Vintage Computing Brand: The swyping works better than ever. Will need batteries and button cell to operate easily fitted. Post zticky Blink You could try smothering the case with talcum powder. This this the one that used to have the rubber like coating on, that I removed.

Great for back up as it is a portable flash drive. Just what I need, a dedicated Smiley Key. Right now I’m in an office with overhead fluorescents – never a good thing – and the Psion’s screen appears blank, even though I know cqse a ton of words in the doc, can hardly see any of ’em.


It was my main travel-drafting machine for about a year. Hook I pson a couple of alternative keyboards for Android with larger keys. As great as the Psion machines were, they did have hardware problems, and did not stand up too well to really heavy use, alas.

FileSaveAs UK Forum – Sticky rubber case on 3c

Skip to main content. And, oooh, a 5mx with a working screen cable.

Psion Series 3c PDA. Insurance extra please wait for confirmation over postage.

Psion series 3 sticky case

Often, a malfunctioning latch assembly or lock mechanism causes the problem. Or do I just needs some extra weeks vacation. At night, when I slept, whether it was in the dirt or on the tiled roof of an abandoned school, two things were always hugged close to my body: All Auction Buy it now. Complain about the Psion if you like, but my extensive experience with the company tells me the fault was never in the product. I was struck by the sincerity of the following Amazon review on of the Psion Series 5 MX PDAand I’m curious to find out more from other writers here who may have used this device: Steve Hodgson Serial Interface More from this seller.

I reckon the battery life was probably comparable to the Dana – hours, but it had a backup battery, so it was a bit less likely to lose whatever was in the memory when the main battery had discharged. Have you tried giving the machine a hard reset? So you aren’t carrying a bag for this commuting? My take is that any solution is whatever works best for the person and the circumstances.


Designed to last a lifetime or twoManduka PRO series yoga mats curb the amount of PVC mats that enter landfills every year and reduces overall mat consumption.

Sticky rubber case on 3c Jul 6 that 3: This time the ones that fit better Great service, I could return the other three without any problem and without any additional costs. Psion 3a, 3 Link Parallel Printer Interface plus booklet. The idea for the device started earlier in the year as an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, which quickly raised all the required funding, and then some, before getting further support when the original founder of Psion, Sir David Potter, got onboard and became honorary president — and also invested a bit more too.

Psion Series 3 Filter applied.

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