He’s literally the only one I’ve ever seen actively communicating on a Dota 2 feature. Note that we count from zero. Also prevents the occasional fail of canceling your spells Right Click to Force Attack: I’m not seeing this. Thanks man for being in the community on this and keeping us updated on your progress! I feel like there is definitely merit to using normal cast as you get some functionality that quickcast doesnt have. Oh yeah, it also doesn’t work for legacy keys. There’s not always a good solution, and I’ve obviously got plenty of other things taking up my time as well, but I’m doing what I can.

In particular, if 2 remnants are near each other, quickcast often targets the wrong one, while normal cast always targets the one you clicked on. Though I’m not entirely sure. Keep them in mind for now, and bring them out when the single function priority list is complete. The first three are a bit more accessible then the latter three. Have a good weekend! Personally I believe an item like teleport scrol should never be on quick cast, but there are many situations where it would be nice to have both options available in a convenient way for items slots. One last thing is an option in Misc:

I’m not sure they’re quickcast specific though. I know I have tested quick cast with pets in the past, but not on latest, so it could be either the gargoyle, or a recent change that makes it not work. Note that we count from zero. FFGenerations A priority list from you is not as important as the reasons why. As the result, neutrals didn’t have any keys assigned to their abilities.

Quickcast vs Regular/ Pros vs. Cons/ If it’s right for you.

Good luck with the project! Start a New Discussion. Thanks for all the good feedback! I like quickcast myself, though only started using it recently. I wonder, can some third person tell me whether quickcast for dominated creeps works for them when set up like this? Would be interesting to somehow have both of these built in tbh. That’s when I realized that he was playing on Regular cast, so I told him that Doota didn’t click my mouse once and was playing on quick cast.


Nothing happens when you press the key?

I don’t think it’s particularly time-sensitive of an action, but for me at least it sees frequent use. Page created in 0. This may or may not be a bad thing for you, but generally I found it a hindrance for most things, but you get used to I qyickcast. In dota, experience with the game is much more important than to be really fast with your fingers. That click does not take the place of a button press but is in addition, so comparing the click to the button press and then concluding that describes the speed of the action sequence is incorrect.

I only use quickcast when playing Meepo, for obvious reason. I wanted to add the perspective that I, at least, would love the option for double-tap cast on self to work with the quickcast key so long as nothing is focused and the taps don’t cast something dotx quickcast.

Then the behaviour is unintuitive. And so combat spells get the faster keys. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. The one thing that really bothers me right now about ve up hotkeys for quick cast is that they are mutually exclusive doha the courier hotkeys. Added to my list, for when I get a moment to investigate.

How to set up Dota 2 correctly? Tips from a pro

If evidence is provided that the accuracy advantage for normal cast can be completely negated by practice, than quickcast is always superior. Helps to check the items and levels of enemy heroes. Void, Enigma, Batrider, Shaker, etc. I’m glad it doesn’t move qiickcast camera while hitting the quickcast button, but it should have some sort of reset so I can manually left click the camera afterward.

Thanks for the response.

Not holding alt means everything is normal. It always just feels more secure to cast things manually. Dotta was one of them. Updated 2 March For me it simply works No reaction from the UI – it doesnt enter in target-selection mode for the TP scroll.


TheCore – Advanced Hotkey Layout: DotA 2 Edition – Page 6

Discuss and leave any feedback, edits or contributions you think I should add. Not working at all, cant learn or cast spells wtf happened? I use that key mainly for boots so regular cast is pretty much never needed. There is something wrong when you click on the stone with quick cast instead of normal cast. This is new, afaik, today. In this case, it will set me up to continue attacking the unit afterwards.

Besides the fact that it’s a pain to caast, having dofa hold down alt How to set up Dota 2 correctly?

Otherwise we fall into the trap of “oh these keys are next to each other so we’ll use them for skills etc. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. There is a work around I will explain later on though.

Alliance vs Gambit 21h 52m. Son View Profile View Posts. He’s literally the only one I’ve ever seen actively communicating quickcaat a Dota 2 feature. There’s nothing in the UI to indicate that they will, but they do if I try them.

TheCore – Advanced Hotkey Layout: DotA 2 Edition – Page 6

League of Legends has all of this; Dota 2’s implementation should be at least as good. TheCore will be an alternative, that when learned, will make the game easier by being more ergonomic and having fota most important keys closest, with the less important keys further away. I’m looking at some of these shift-queueing issues.

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