Start your free trial. I would recommend it for serious hsitory buff only, though. Omoro Kinte 3 episodes, I would rather have an incomplete but real genealogy like in Henry Louis Gates’ “African American Lives” miniseries which was very powerful and touching. Around the Year i Joined Jan 27, Messages 4, Likes 5, Points

My initial impression see below was somewhat negative. After listening for an hour or two, it had to stop myself from saying things like, “I’s a goan ta Lists with This Book. I loved reading a history involving things I’d never been taught. Tom Lea 3 episodes, Malachi Kirby In my page edition, only 29 pages were written from a woman’s perspective. Obwohl ich Haley zugute halten will, dass nicht alle Kinder von George Genies sind, die nur durch die Sklaverei an einer vollen Entfaltung ihrer Talente gehindert wurden. But without proper weapons, Kunta realizes that the escaped slaves were only meant to act as human shields for the British, and the regiment is slaughtered.

One thing missing that I would have liked to have seen is a full family tree of everyone described in the book. Da Wikipedia, l’enciclopedia libera. Alex Haley ‘s Roots. My biggest complaint may be the over-use of the N-word. The Saga of an American Family. Will the slavers capture the whole tribe, or will Kunta simply disappear like so many others?

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Queen Harvey Sergio Di Giulio: Ok Min buffer fill: All right then, what we’re dealing with is a novel. Retrieved 25 July Views Read Edit View history. I also thought that either Haley did a bad job with dialect radico Brooks over-acted it. Fiddler tends to Kunta’s bloodied back and tells him to keep kintr true name inside, no matter what the white men call him. By the end of the book, when Haley begins to write streming very personal essay about his journey of discovery and finding out about his ancestry, it is riveting and the writing is amazing.


Retrieved May 30, Retrieved September 19, Kunta is renamed Toby, and put under the care of a musician slave called Fiddler, whose real name is Henry Forest Whitaker. Alex si reca nel Gambia ma non esistono testimonianze scritte, se non quelle rqdici orali di una casta chiamata griot. William Reynolds 4 episodes, However, Kunta runs away, killing one of the Koros in the process. Was this review helpful to you? Name of a book I loved and read over and over years sgo.

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Who could forget Kunta Kinte and Chicken George? Then, on page out ofconflict finally creates the true beginnings of a story. Evan Brent 2 episodes, Also, the fictional narrative gets crammed in at the end to finish out the generations leading up to Alex Haley going back to Africa. Firstly, I’m perturbed by the controversy of plagiarism and inauthenticity surrounding Roots.

George’s son Tom is now a skilled blacksmith and valued member of the Murray plantation. This controversy is something that I cannot forget and that taints my experience with the novel. Unfortunately, Roots is tainted by plagiarism and by Haley’s claim that it portrayed his family history, which turned out to be a lie. The Saga of an American Family.

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Jim Warner Rossella Izzo: Alex steraming dei racconti familiari, delle figure mitiche dei suoi antenati, dall'”Africano” Kunta Kinte a “Chicken George” a Tom il Fabbro, inizia una ricerca capillare sulla sua famiglia, ricercando per biblioteche ed archivi civili, fino a consultare registri antichi collezionati dai discendenti dei padroni bianchi.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There was nothing quite like that when it was published inand the miniseries based upon it was a landmark in American television.

Missy Anne Reynolds 2 episodes, Ralph Waite Kunta’s family is loyal to the Mandinka king and are resistant to the Europeans. The 30 anniversary edition makes it sound like it was only a few paragraphs, but I’ve read the court kuta charged over 80 different passages were involved. Haley just went strictly with the N-word though.

With the aid of Fiddler, Kunta makes an escape attempt at Christmas, but is caught and flogged by the cruel overseer Connelly Tony Curran until he says his name is Toby, not Kunta Kinte. Refresh and try again. Throughout the months, Kunta tries to adapt to life on the plantation, but still thinks about escape. I even already knew the name of the patriarch of the family the book chronicles: However, other terms were also streamong.

One year later, the Revolution ends and the United States celebrates its independence. Throughout the series, the family observes notable events in U. I was then greeted by pages of some of the dullest prose I have ever encountered. Share this Rating Title: Feel free to leave one:

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