She explores several amazing places including the Oriental Pearl Tower, People’s Square and Bund Tunnel and also gets an unexpected marriage proposal at the most unusual place! On hindsight, my snobbery towards KB was more spontaneous, I believe. Though in terms of actual production, advanced digital technology has come to play, an equal emphasis is not placed on content. Mella Thirandhathu Kadhavu Season 2 Priyasaki. The music in his films till 80s was awesome. In this one too, he meets this gal on the train, gets her home and finds she is pregnant. There is something wonderful to the way the Man enjoys her singing or her music.

But each train journey stands apart like a punctuation mark. The lyrics allude to how the Veena and the child within her are unaware of who made them. I am enjoying crying inside carrying both on my lap. The bus is taken to the police station. Anyhow, I found the video of one of the songs from this serial. Well, probably, what you meant by story-telling was just the story itself. Among the many performers he picked and nurtured for Apoorva Raagangal was Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, whom we now know as Rajinikanth. Just that I liked the song a lot and it makes me remember certain things.

Zeroing in on another pet bug bear, KB talks about Crorepatis and Clonepathis. KB — is fascinated with the nuances of music I think. For art enthusiasts and discerning audiences of all generations, this is a bench mark in silky sneyam lovable entertainment.

There is something wonderful to the way the Man enjoys her singing or her music. List of programs broadcast by Mediacorp Vasantham. This page was last edited on 26 Novemberat He who has been observing the undulations of the small screen for close to a decade now, has an explanation for this as well.


Stage play’s Various artiste Rs. By the same artist. But, here too, the revolution will make a change, KB says.

MediaCorp Vasantham Tamil-language television soap operas Singapore Tamil dramas Tamil travel shows Tamil talk shows Tamil reality television series Tamil-language television series debuts s Tamil-language television series Tamil-language television programs Tamil-language television series endings Singaporean television seasons Tamil-language television seasons.

I just remember the plot line rather flimsily. Anyhow, I found the video of one of the songs from this serial. Balachander, like much xast Tamil literature, lacks depth. At a time when TV serials were merely treated as stage plays shot with 3 cameras, here is the “Eyakkunar Sigaram”, fusing a visual approach with life-like characters, sharp witty dialogues and powerful sensitive performances, leaving the Tamil Television audiences stunned and gasping for more.

I second, third and fourth Nilu. She travels on to find out about the ancient city wall and the intriguing Bell and Drum Towers of Xi’an. He wrote, directed and produced films that had lasting impact: Neha, Are you sure?

Sun Yat Sen Mausoleum where thousands of people pay respect to the Father of the Republic and the Massacre Hall which howls the story behind thevictims who lost their lives!

Rayil Sneham (season 3) – Wikipedia

The title song was something like Muthalum Illaathathu, Mudivum illaathathu no? Besides, Snehaam usually casts well. He is great story teller sindu bhairavi in the literal sense but film making and story telling are two different things. In his other serials as well — he tends to bring sjeham the element of music.


I wish I could get hold of someone to translate the song in its entirety from Tamil. His movies had enough kitchen-sink realism to keep arthouse fans happy and enough mainstream elements big-name actors, songs, comedy to keep theatregoers hooked. What is it with trains? For the river that slipped through the mountain it was the ocean that gave asylum.

Pradhana Vizha 2014

Into Xi’an City, where she explores the breathtaking Terracotta Army! But then, KB says, the revolution will rzil. Balachander’s Pournami Stage Play Rs.

There was this hauntingly beautiful song — Indha Veenaiku Teriyaadu.

Director K Balachander was a maverick chronicler of the Tamil middle class

Here, in tete a tete with Ramya Kannan, Balachander maps out the pulsations that drive small screen moghuls and merchants and the things that are in store. Nilu, unna snehan udaradhe thappu!

Anyway I shall be nice and not go into how Indian directors are able to get away with movies that are technically unsound,bad cuts,and horrible use of lighting and effects. The remote is what we have to learn to fear”.

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