Why did Nikki find himself hooked with such an illegal sport? Saksi Liga Ng Katotohanan 3. She has been doing her best to keep her family intact. At first, the brothers were happy with the fact that they look alike and even used it to their advantage. Bheng becomes a single mother to her daughter Joy when her boyfriend refuses to take responsibility for their child. Can Elena give up her dream family and let go of her greatest love or will she give in to her husband’s plea to save their relationship?

Garry and Suzette are a young couple whose love for each other and dreams for the future will be tested by fate. For some reason, she always finds fault in Becky even though the latter makes it a point to please her. Solly, a pretty singer whose beautiful voice captivates the heart of a young boy named Jun. In the story, Michelle filed an annulment case against her husband who was always beating her throughout their marriage. Susan grew in the province, naive of the real working of the world, in love particularly. Paddle Pop Kombatei 8.

From joining amateur singing contests, Osang decided to 204 abroad to give her loved ones a better life. The two grow really close to each other until Eva accuses Ester of stealing her necklace.


Amid the strong resistance of their children, how will Eliza and Lito realize their ultimate dream to walk down the aisle as each other’s first and last love? When he is asked to form sfashells football team in their town, Julius meets a group of kids who have the same vices as his father. Myla is being mistreated in her family just because she’s a lesbian.

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Will the friendship be over when one member of the group breaks one of their rules by getting pregnant? Despite this she remained positive that she will achieve her dreams of becoming a professional singer and fulfill her father Obet’s dream of seeing her on TV one day.


BIDA KAPAMILYA: Maalaala Mo Kaya

Since she could not imagine herself to be with any other guy, Mariz remained single even after her siblings have already graduated. The story of identical twins Elmer and Eric, who were very close since childhood.

A story of age, generations of servitude, and the extent of a daughter’s love for her family. What pushed a dedicated housewife to escape from her “real life” fuull give her time to a total stranger?

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Antonio is forced to offer “extra service” to his clients in order to earn more money for the sake of his daughter April who is diagnosed with a serious illness. Until one day, she finds herself ful care of a baby girl named Seasheells. However, the darkest moments of her life descended on her when she became a victim of cyber bullying because of one mistake.

From being simple acquaintances who march together to Mendiola, Fr.

Despite her family dismay over her May—December love affair with Ernesto, Jhenny takes the risk of continuing her relationship with the middle-aged bus driver, who promises to love her no matter what. Fidel, a charming guy is determined to win the heart of his co-worker named Jenna. As he enjoys the freedom of expressing his sexuality, Bonsai became shocked and terrified with the sight of his youngest sister Lencie Trina Legaspi as a lesbian.

Adoy, who despite his disapproval of his son’s sexual preference, remained the strength of his child especially during life’s hardest trials. In the absence of her mother’s guidance, Joy started exploring her sexuality and ended up getting pregnant by her boyfriend, who eventually left her to raise their baby alone. Can Yong and Carmina’s relationship founded on seashels hints last when challenges take its toll on them?

Despite their huge age gap and the disapproval of her family, Cecile was blinded by love and enamored by the lavish lifestyle that Roel has given her. What drove Roel omvie achieve his ambition of becoming a singer? He is struck with “love at first sight” on Mildred. The inspiring love story of Hazzy and Liezel Go which the whole world witnessed through their touching wedding video.


But Mojacko did not care, as long as he was with his mother, he was happy. Noel became very close to them especially to Yolly who would run to him for financial, emotional and moral support. Paolo is at his lowest point when he meets Rovil, whose leukemia is much worse than his. With her father’s strict upbringing, Karen promises herself that she will never disobey her parents and will never be in love.

Season 1 Episode Brian is a young boy who grew up exposed to poverty. With no money in their pockets, the two will esashells in search of their relatives, not knowing what kind marxh reception awaits them there. But Elha did not turn her back on singing as she then sang for her banana cue customers. A Mother’s Day presentation of the touching story of a young mom and widow named Minda.

Although grateful for his nephew who let him stay with his family, Lolo Jessie had no choice but to leave because his nephew’s wife was not in favor of having dogs in their house. With his innate goodness, he decided to do the right thing and surrendered himself back to the prison.

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