Thank you for your recap!! Since they use the same muscles when they laugh and cry together, they end up with similar features. The open ended ending does provide the viewers ways to speculate about the characters they love. Pop , K-pop , soundtrack. Also agree with the disapointment of not having a SeolChan-SunWoo reconciliation. I also liked that the final song highlighted each singer of the group even Donam! Thanks Koala for recapping the entire series! He sees the mob of girls around Seol Chan and Se Yi trying to get to him.

The scene intercuts with little Se-yi arguing with her father as present Se-yi staggers in shock. Seol Chan goes home and remembers that he never asked Se Yi whether she liked his serenade more than when Sun Woo sang to her. This drama will focus on the extreme fan culture that emerged in the s when idol groups took center stage and K-pop was blossoming. A montage of all the key moments in this drama flash by. Then I got really angry at him because he did exactly the same thing to Nana and, worse, he wasn’t even sensitive about how he rejected her. Rubysing August 6, at

Kind of like the All performance of Amazing Grace.

Sinopsis Bride of the Century All Episode

But yes, the shirts are super cute! To his absolutely cold and callous treatment of Na Na, who turned into my favorite character of the drama. I wanna hug Seol-chan. And of course, anything with Dahee cannot possibly be a disappointment. What was up with Arnold?

The talking removal added a couple of artifacts, but isn’t that bad. With less than five days ahead of them, they get to work and practice like no tomorrow.

There are countless little plot points that were left open or dropped that could easily fill a manifesto. SeolChan was like a walk in the park for JunHyung. I really like this song, and it is so short! The fear in a five-year-old of being abandoned must be immense.

Someone who is silent and cold and only nice to his crush is not a person I would want to hang out with. I felt spisode in that moment, he was laid bare and allowed himself to really let the rejection sink in. In life, sometimes people don’t come out and say how they’re feeling – they avoid conversations, they speak with their eyes, they say non-committal things that leave the other person hanging.


I’m not sure what happened. Download the latest version here. That actually makes a lot of sense, as a story move – but Sun-woo consciously trying to be horrible to Nana AND wristgrabbing Se-yi all over the place probably trying to get her to hate him and tell him to back off, too? I interpret his ‘cold’ attitude towards Na Na as Pages using infobox television with editor parameter Articles containing Korean-language text Articles with hAudio microformats Album infoboxes lacking a cover Articles with Korean-language external links HanCinema drama ID not in Wikidata.

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Seol Chan runs into Joon Hee at school and is goaded about not performing. I’m still a bit surprised how much I loved the show from the very first episode and how attached I became throughout considering how I wrote it off as an empty idol drama initially lesson learned. Seol-chan silently wipes a tear from her eye.

Two things I would have changed: At a nearby cafe, the boys bicker outside where Seol-chan asks why Sun-woo is acting so childish lately. Thats when it excelled for me.

Oh what to do on Fridays without our Star, Lamb and the rest…guess re-watching the drama is the thing to do. The question of HOW is left to speculation. If the actor doesn’t connect and get his emotions across realistically to the audience, he’s a poor actor. I felt sorry for Sun Woo for about 2 seconds. Sun-woo receives epizode text from Nana to use her eighth coupon, and he waits for her in the basement.

Sun Woo has arrived with the rest of Color Bar and see this final exchange. Seol Chan reaches over and wipes away her tear. Da Hee, is siinopsis WOW! And why yes, I totally laughed at Byun PD in his losing battle against the vending machine.

As a whole, the series still carries a sense of nostalgia and yearning, even though the show is over-indulgent in the whimsical sinospis the meandering in its last few episode. Waiting August 6, at But she was sticking to him like GLUE.

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Love letter to Nana: NN needs time to, to get rid of a SW that she has idolised! Thank you so very, very much! Do Nam might be gruff teddy bear Ajusshi that everyone loves.


Her voice is a little weak but considering she is not from musical background, I love her. She lets him choose the song. Rather than a hectic rush to tie zinopsis all the loose ends, episode 12 was oddly melancholy and ordinary, which was rather fitting since drwma drama was about a bunch of sad kids trying to chase away their blues and found solace in music and friendship. I had thought that the ending wasn’t stellar, but it was an open ending that left hints at what happened and what could happen in the future.

Monstar Episode 12 Recap

Then I got really angry at him because he did exactly the same thing to Nana and, worse, he wasn’t even sensitive about how he rejected her. But as they gather together to sing and play the music they love, they learn to soothe the pain inside them, and to open each of their souls.

I einopsis have this image that when the day comes when Seolchan and mom become closer, he becomes the biggest aegyo baby in front of her. And his voice is on par with Kang Ha Sinopiss. I had a really hard time reconciling his jerk-like behavior toward NaNa after he was so caring to the kids in the cancer ward and give in to his mother’s over-protectiveness as the result of his sister’s death.

Oh, well, one can hope for the future I can understand that Sooyeon may have felt that Jungwoo drwma her and that she had unresolved issues with him, but that does not deal with parh fact that she was brutalized by someone else.

Compared to the girls though — yes, all 3 girls have pretty strong voices.

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