It’d be nice that people enjoy it and understand it’s concepts and appreciate the cast than it being hyped and then everyone researching cast backgrounds ect ect and devaluing the drama because of the hype. The reason for this visit is because their home happens to be next door to Kim Ja-jeom. I find the only other person, who has such essence in front of the camera is Bae Yong Joon. Episode 9 by Sunny. It sets up its conflict nicely, and the emotions were really there. Iljimae watches her body fall over in shocked silence.

He must read the documents and memorize the contents, but not remove them — if they are missing, the Qing invaders will alter their plan. Not all relationships can be perfect and epic matches, even in a kdrama. Lord Choi asks how Iljimae feels about going to Qing China. Gu is an intriguing character for me because he is nuanced and complicated, with conflicting traits. He explains that Gu Ja-myung had saved him and sent him here: This was a solid episode. There is a striking quality in him that makes his portrayal of Iljimae very memorable and believable.

Episode 6 by Helcat. Wang Hweng-bo, captured by palace guards, is assumed to be Iljimae per the tip-off.

I miss any episode that ilijmae Baek-mae, because Jung Hye-young does the bearing-the-weight-of-the-world-on-my-shoulders wearied pain really well. Together, the two masked fighters move in tandem as they attack Iljimae from both sides.

The Return of Iljimae 1-24 (Final)

Really, really enjoy your site!! She jumps off the cliff into the river, and the soldiers shoot a barrage of arrows into the water.


Iljimae recalls a tidbit of information Wang Hweng-bo had told him regarding a monk. Your fate is to feel the rain and wind first. The merchant is killed in an alleyway. I was so enjoying this up to this point.

Vilniaus vairavimo mokykla – A, B, C, CE, D kategorijos

But, I didn’t really like the first couple of episodes and definately preferred the other version. Gu figures that Iljimae will be looking for Keol-chi, and gives two men the order to remain behind to stand guard. Maybe he really is a cat.

And what does he know about Iljimae? The ending is a bit rushed and hard to understand, leaving me a sense of incompleteness and slight disappointment. He is naturally confused, not understanding why he was the only one released.

Vilniaus vairavimo mokykla

Iljimae and Wol Hee’s theme doesn’t seem to be on the main or intrumental OST’s, nor does the version with the lyrics played at This is the first drama of Il Woo that rpisode can watch since it’s so hard to find the link to watch Highkick with english subtitle or to find the dvd.

Now I gotta look for soft subs and start downloading episodes from aja-aja. Iljimae pleads with her to hang on, desperate iluimae cling to their last moments together.

April 16, at 9: Just thought that it added more depth to Iljimae’s despair, for if so, Dalyi was a companion in yet one more aspect.


SINOPSIS Iljimae Episode 1 – 20 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Even though we knew the “jump” scene was coming, I still enjoyed the way it was played out I thought Wol-hee had died. Once again, fate plays a cruel joke on the poor boy.

Reunited, they start to head away, stopping briefly as Keol-chi brushes by Baek-mae, who has just arrived in Hanyang. Snatched from the brink of sinopzis

Episodes by LollyPip. I enjoy reading your take on the drama, it complements my understanding of the story But I must be a shallow creature, because it’s kinda slow for me. Jadi dia agak sulit buat membuka hatinya untuk orang lain. Heh heh, i just liked the entire presentation of this drama. The man definitely gives off villain vibes, however, and the ominous words he tells Kim Ja-jeom suggest that he is a threat to Iljimae: I always watched through the credits so I could listen to more pretty music, but it definitely softened the potential impact of those scenes.

After being shot, Iljimae collapses in the forest, where some children find him.

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