This chapter is unique among others like it because it uses Czech dubbing to contrast the solutions of the Slovak version. The Slovak version is a result of several unfortunate decisions. English version Slovak version Czech version 17 03 41 Sue: A general tendency to supress the proper names in dialogues can be observed in the Slovak version, however and it does not appear to be random. English version Slovak version Czech version 20 25 29 Kurt: Coach is angry that his quarterback also sings in the glee club. As hinted in the section 3.

But there are omissions which simply cannot be results of a negligent reading. This leads to low quality of dubbing which, as shown in the second chapter, does not go unnoticed by the Slovak viewer and is alarming to any language professional. In the course of the analysis, we realized that the Slovak dubbing was often of a rather lower quality and at times we doubted that professional translators were a part of the process of creating the Slovak version of Glee. Dubbing is quite an uncommon topic in the field of translation studies and it is specific for our culture and environment. It also introduces specific requirements on translation for dubbing. And what about the script editors?

Even more could be tolerated in translation for dubbing where the original undergoes more changes and needs to fulfil additional requirements. In Marchhowever, the questionnaire reached 1 responses and so the question arose as to what shall be presented in this work and what shall be left for future works.

Another example could be classified as strong intensification of expression: Not only are they low in comparison with average translation rates in Slovakia, they do not even amount to the minimal wage.

First film dubbed into Slovak comes almost 20 years after the Czech one — in the year Finally we come to mistakes in dubbing.


English version Slovak version Czech version 4 02 47 Kendra: A division between sentence and lexical semantics has been made to make the categorization neat. Its main objective is to draw more attention to dubbing, translation for dubbing and its rather fjlm quality when produced for commercial televisions and to map the current situation onlihe the onlkne of dubbing in Slovakia.

This could have been caused by three different Slovak translators and the differences in quality of their work. The ol’ V poriadku?! A new division of countries was proposed because perhaps onlinr approach to AVT should mirror the changing trends.

Willoviahoj Kenovi. A similar case of a blend in translation follows: The low-quality of Slovak onlime specifically the language, not the acting performance and the overwhelming number of negative shifts simply did not leave space for anything else. There are several names of songs mentioned in almost every episode. Slovak dubbing is largely criticized see e.

An internship in the Czech dubbing studio S Pro Alfa allowed us to get a glimpse at this tendency in Czech Republic, where, although present, it is not as strong as in Slovakia. Many of the theoretical information presented in the first chapter are new contributions to the theory of AVT that could perhaps be used in future research.

All of the examples include the exact number of the episode and the time at which the line starts. That is why we created a brief outline of what happens to the screenplay in dubbing according to our own personal experience in a dubbing studio.

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We do realize that we are using translation terminology here but the amount of such shifts has been so large that we decided to give it a separate place in this work. I could get into that, maybe.


I’m full of ennui. Rachel is bragging about her musical capabilities and gifts. Lip-Sync Dubbing with the aim to make it look as if the character is speaking the target language; 3. That is why we do not attempt to give an exact number of all the mistakes.

Log In Sign Up. The first offered an introduction into dubbing, its theory and history. English version Slovak version Czech version 6 10 50 Mr.

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He now tries to Background: English version Slovak version Czech version 1 38 01 Quin: This thesis is concerned with dubbing in Slovakia and Czech Republic. This leads to low quality of dubbing which, as shown in the second chapter, does not go unnoticed by the Slovak viewer and is alarming to onlinw language professional.

Czech translator once again opted for a naturalizing solution and used the very same word-formation process znehurka the original. Especially in confrontation with the Czech version that is much smoother and more natural, the Slovak version simply does not sound very good: This means that the thesis offers not only a unique empirical research and a questionnaire with a high number of respondents but also new and unpublished anehurka information on the practices in dubbing, production and the rates in the translation for dubbing.

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