Thank you for everything. Lee Jeong-moo 20 episodes, Jae-yong Lee Nice work, guys, very nice. Specially since I am watching it raw while waiting for the sub and I can’t understand where the conversation is going, so I would sometimes think is he going to kiss JS. He points out that the deadline was the day prior, and therefore Yoon-hee and her friends have failed the exam. I’m your Moon Jae Shin, Just say the word! SKYhigh October 13, at 7: Think of him in all those wonderful colored robes, manipulating all with invisible ropes and a cutesy smile on his face!

The guy on Seon-joon’s right is a disgruntled Idol reject who insisted on being in the picture. Seon-joon, just because In-soo is going loopy doesn’t mean he’s blind. I’m strapping in real good for a rough but exhilarating full of spazzing and screaming ride. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. And through it all, our Jal-geum Quartet has become closer than ever. Hearing his words, Jae-shin tells Yoon-hee to run to their other two F4 members quickly; she must find a way to alert them while he tries to stall the guards with his fist. Wrist-grabbing makes me quite angry.

Why don’t they ever bring in a girl for the second male lead or at least the other guy who’s vying for the main girl’s attention? Yu Chang-ik 15 episodes, Dam Ryu I could be wrong though. So quietly did our king arrive, not a single Sungkyunkwan student or professor registered his presence until he spoke. The professors and the headmaster study the leaflet, finding it hard to believe that it was written by one of their students. Yoon-hee is the spunky heroine Guh-ro is our resident bad-boy with a heart of gold.


Of all things the scoundrel had to make off with his clothes, taking the tops and leaving the bottoms, all in mismatched colors! About hitomiakiko Architect and Aspiring Writer.

Yoon-hee is about to walk past Sun-joon when he stops her why the wrist grabbing?! I love this character. I want a Nobuta key chain!

He doesn’t even need to end up with her but I want something to happen between them for him. Have not seen BOF. Epusode [Happily never after] Maybe Lee Jeong-moo 20 episodes, Worried about Sun-joon and Yong-ha, Yoon-hee insists that she must go to them. Well okay then Mr. How could you do something so out of character and crushhearts in one fell swoop?

We all know what THAT means. I really don’t like him.

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That makes her break into a smile, and she rewards him with an apple…with a cricket on top. Yoon-hee claims she knows and makes Jae-shin nervous. This king is a crafty one! Plus, who can resist those hiccups Was I just a Noron boy who only cares about his grades to you? Fpisode the thief dashes off with the marketplace folks on his heels, both Sun-joon and Jae-shin rush forward to grab Yoon-hee out of the way. But then again, it wouldn’t scandla a k-drama without it, I guess.

And, last of all, Yoon-hee, after stopping by the bookstore to pick up more transcribing assignments.

I’m really in love with this drama!! This site uses cookies.

Search for ” Sungkyunkwan Scandal ” on Amazon. The manservant the one that destroyed YH’s suungkyunkwan property in ep 1 in his house seems to be wary of him. WOW, this drama is so awesome: Yong-ha warns Hyo-eun against being too eager to undress for Sun-joon.


Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Episode 10 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Also, there is something intensely satisfying in seeing a girl knock a couple of hot guys off-kilter- not by being flirtatious or loose, just strongly and surely awesome and badass. The Moon That Embraces the Sun Email Address never made public.

Even if we go to the government office, no one will be on your side. Guess who eoisode faster? With prices skyrocketing, the people have no choice but to go against the geumnanjungkwon, the law that permits only licensed merchants the right to business, and turn to illegal means.

Meanwhile, poor Jae-shin is worried to death about Yoon-hee. I would react the same way. How are you so gorgeous. Sungkyuknwan this date, I’ve no idea if they seem so boring because I still had my blues or they’re really boring.

And Yoon-hee did the safest thing she sungkyujkwan do to save Sun-joon.

Midnight Express

In-Soo found the culprit through having one of his lackeys eavesdrop. I love this part a lot a lot, because it was funny and sweet at the same time! Sungkyun,wan October 7, at 8:

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