If so, he has much more potential which was not shown in that dance. Okay, on to the actual show. I really very much loved this routine and thought everyone brought their best to it. It was a cool routine. But, she was not a great ballroom dancer here. Also, did you notice the awkward aura surrounding Paula Abdul on this episode?

Was he supposed to be so domineering and mean throughout the dance that we supported her being violent to him? I think she looks fab tonight. Yeah, sure, they draw styles completely randomly. Archived from the original on July 13, I know I was mad about that! The girls in the bottom are Jasmine M. But Jade is also made for NappyTabs routines and he would have done great in this, so now I feel even worse for him.

I feel like this song is on every episode of this show.

That is a mystery to me. Her hips were crazy. Not the muscles, but the movement.

sytycd season 10 – Raspberry Lime Ricki

Lani Hall; choreo by NappyTabs: Okay, on to seaso actual show. Yeah, ditto on the song. I love the outfit and the hair, but it looked super-weird against the orange background for the first part of the show. Also, are we short on choreographers? What a dream team of choreographers, eh?


I thought Aaron looked sort of lunkish and awkward occasionally, but his kicks were quite graceful, and oh man can he get height with his jumps.

So ok, this was amazing. Odd waltz song choice. And then Nigel went and made that joke himself. This is the worst thing ever. He thinks Aaron is too hulky bulky to look jadd while dancing, and I agree.

Second of sytgcd, I thought she was beautiful in her own season but damn, she just keeps getting more gorgeous. I liked it, whatever it was.

NappyTabs have totally grown on me. I love jives, I love Chelsieand I thought this was some really great jive choreography. Shortly after, he sustained an injury forcing him to withdraw from the competition. And then he proves it by choosing Mariah and Jade to stay and sending home Carlos and Brittany.

These were just cameos, of course, but remember this? Not sure I loved this number. Are they doing the same elimination style again? But I am not worried! I really very much loved this routine sytycr thought everyone brought their best to it.

Umm oh my god. And I want her bracelets. Why are all the choreographers so horny? Yes I found myself liking the costumes a lot, and usually I think they are absurd. She is just lovely. He needs to work on his arms.


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And, I mean, come on. I kind of liked the top. This site uses cookies. Like, no one was really acknowledging her, and she sounded so nervous deason fumbly every time she spoke.

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Ugh the dreaded passodoblay. They announced the bottom six, and the judges picked two to save. I think she b,ueprint fab tonight. I have yet to make a judgement on that.

I noticed in the rehearsal footage that Tabs is rocking the accent nail, a trend 01 plan on picking up in the near future. One more thing — I know no one cares about this but me, but why is it that in so anf of these dances where a sexy girl is sexy at a guy for a while, the end of the dance is always her pushing him away?

Holy shit this was terrible.

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