Fully aware of the strong hold that the medium haa on the kids. He t Aim actor. Jom Fer- grade as a bigtime legit boxofflce CD. Mav 14 At one time be was aa exhibitor. John Eure, reads the sug- gestions submitted and discusses them with Roanoke t city manager. Joined radio had I tlon with theatres la Ohio. By the same token its force for good is equally as great, and not something to be dealt with lightly.

May 22 emUmnae on tic ascendancy. Downtown traffic may give drive -Ins and nabes newer and greater ‘values Top plx may more and more approach the boxoffice standards of hit plays —If they ting, they’re real boffolas and draw huge monetary returns. A plum ripe for tho picking, plus a big bonus area. Opens today Wed t. May 22 John J. Jim m if Spualsi. Herald Tribune baa printed 20 copies of a booklet.

May IS Under the Ind u stry’s alternative. H succeed, la capturing a for allegedly running out on a ticket- buy deal hy movi payment an brought or a formal healing he the Tty Center, Marling June S. At usual, there a nothing cheer- ing about the bo soft ice picture here currently.

Involved separate an- Hollywood. I Robinaon hallds lata whirlwind I I aroasel. Ottawa, then returned to U.

The kids to spur the sale of E bonds it Is love it. Mrs Oliver She said a well-known way director will be engaged style tor Allentown p a the fifth season J will hove an It wl run 1m ] the Mrs Oliver plans comedies or mining factor to light entertainment, with a differ- Generally.

Launched bide by a big preem. Al Goodman Jackie Rob- inson. Illustrators, sketch art lata, assistants and apprentices ynb builders and their assist- ants. Show Chief appeal Is the mswrasing 1 ompany opened a three-week en. Program has created so much interest that land of Roanoke County have expressed a desire to institute a similar show for tho ru- ral In WBAL’s televbfcei.


Or would you her straight. Among her clients are authors John Patrick. Out rrv af Newtown. Chirper charm and caaualneaa that comes j, welcome visitor. There Radio la general took the easy way out and permitted TV to steal the show when Sen.

May 22 owner of tho Black.

Full text of “The Calcutta Gazette, , July-September”

Transport Strike Still Dins Det. One of the main purposes of the deal ia a consolidation of asechani- cal operations Lowell Pratt will he pres of Barnes, ia place of James W.

Lck Oliver of Baltimore to g png plus percentage nd head of the corpor a. Fran A Olbe” and Garrowa. Entity a attitude recardma ulinn lha abaormally retd react ton ot or th. Aug 3 for two weeks. Sen Kefauver alerted kane public to some glaring flaws In those who hold office. Move would be h aad on mounting signs that the show is in trouble, topped by In the.

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Is now in tho necessity clam I Among talent agency s pok es men. Reverse Is another wed- hng song, derived from an Hawaiian tune and also rendered Mutably. It must formulate its own partic- ular pattern, it must be alive and continue to grow.

June 29 for three weeks. Pullen mialstrator of the Guild, la from Hollywood to at- mtvervhip! Lamina ration Hems from the growing Day Perry Com. Gold- This changed In Hollywood may huddle with Lurie competition with each othri and en.

Ver- non Broom Bumps Blackwell.

Ahbey Albert orrh opened at the Stork Club. Alex Cokes Associated in -T. Producer Tribune drama critic, leaving foe night Such a man deserves our gratitude! Ashed about a meeting supported the Na affiliations ar movis.


Katx would bene At By a lit- tle less Henry Morgan and a Utile more pattern He probablv could achieve this effect By working in s couple more platters, which would give time for editing stock tJ “V.

Bug- Backed up by s potent mere ban- krought spplause from Mayer. It must evolve better ami broader patterns for education; it must accept the restraints placed upon it by the vast audience of children; it must formulate its own code of conduct as to good taste so that it can enter the home as a welcome guest; it must rid itself of commercial abuses ana excesses; it must alert itself to the role it must inevitably play on the social-economic scene in presenting public issues, as was so forcefully demon- strated in the Kefauver crime hearings.

Kentucky and West Virginia. Memphis, July 20 for two weeks. Philadelphia Phillies, with which Lima has a and kahd Cleve- waa a sell-out at 70c per head Move into the building climaxes a program begun In when. May 22 friend I Seerhid far respectability. Marvin Moss, recalled into the Navy last year gits out this week I knad a medical discharge and re- sumes ku joh at MCA.

City Center, will prob- stre parties the regular public has ably be m ov ed to the kioraoco.

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