How many children do you have? Let’s take a look at some video clips of my week working undercover. I didn’t know until I tapped into this process that I had been probably suppressing some guilt for me not being there. Can I come back? That be something you’d be interested in? I think it was really important to get both of us involved in going undercover. Shelly never stopped working during her pregnancy.

Truthfully, I had a couple grandparents in nursing homes, and they didn’t get to come home. Consumers urged to check freezers after recall of frozen pork dinners from retailers nationwide. We’ve got a bit of a to-do list. I remember two days before she delivered we had a staff meeting, and everyone was there in the hospital room because she doesn’t have an off switch. We went to an independent living community. Don’t want you ashy. The Antioch territory, which is where you live and where you’re working.

But it’s really hard to think about potentially losing someone like Lisa from not getting her consistent hours. James was really good.

I’ll see you later. Boy, is this gonna be fun.

Undercover Boss – Season 2, Episode BrightStar Care –

That should be our responsibility, to make sure that caregiver to caregiver knows that We need to work on that. A National Association for Business Economics bsos finds roughly half in each camp; the economy’s health if often a significant factor in presidential elections.

You wanna go to time-out? And later Can I put lotion on you? And so you could see that it meant so much to him to be episodw to connect with the children. This is, like, the down time. So you were pregnant nonstop practically. I love you, Chloe.


One of the little balls will come out here, and you’ll call it. By working on the front line, she’ll find out what’s really going on inside her own company. And so I’d like to recreate that. But I know you’re a worrier. I have a lot of things that I wanna do. Melvin, I haven’t seen you in a while. Let’s get some lotion on you.

We’re basically the black sheep of the whole family. We want to get all these things done. You ended up getting to clean up poop, which I gather is something of a theme for the women CEOs who’ve come on the show When we got unercover the second client’s house How are you today?

Gotta use your spoon. This boss will trade in her designer shoes and luxury automobile for a stethoscope and dirty diapers. Nice to meet you too. No, boas when my husband tried to push me into looking somewhere else.

You know, the last activity of the day, we were calling bingo, and I remember Grandma Pat used to love bingo. See you later, Mr. Seeing you take care of your clients, Lisa, really made me wish you’d been around to take care of J.

The Antioch territory, which is where you live and where you’re working. I wanted to validate that we were the leader in care, or learn if there were things we could do to become the leader.

Coming up We’re gonna listen to your lungs, okay? What did you consider your most embarrassing moments on the show?

Obviously nursing school’s not the last route. Uh, a year and three months. I never called him anything but “daddy. I’m in Centerville, Ohio, and I will be working alongside a licensed practical nurse going into a family’s home for a visit. Shelly is technically my boss, although she probably wishes I was a much more compliant employee at times.


Take your bib off. After talking with Shelly, she thought it’d be a great idea if I went undercover as well. What does that mean? The email had her photo and mentioned personal details only she would know. For me, I don’t like when people give me credit for the things that I’ve been through.

What did you learn during the show that might change how you operate at BrightStar? And, you know, that’s something that, you know, Yndercover proud to say, you know, George is absolutely the embodiment of, and, you know, helping those folks live that way.

Have you ever done any brightsar of– No. We do the care. Billionaire says the rich should pay more taxes to fix growing income inequality — “I’m fine with it,” he told CNBC. We found some money, Mr.

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Our caregivers are very productive and get good evaluation scores, so it surprised me to hear that. You know, I felt like I was wasting my time. So your salary is taken care of. You wanna take him here?

BrightStar Care

It made me feel just so good. That was really kind of invaluable to me because I didn’t have any clue.

Tony was my stepfather.

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