He’s right behind us. Come on, let’s just go. It is that guy. You’re about to get hit. Previous Episode Next Episode. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You guys Embarrass yourselves. But my blog is a hit.

All right, Then I’m just gonna Zoom in right here. Robarazzi 04 Jun 7. Welcome to Starring Robbie Shapiro. Are you gonna stop? What are you all upset about? All this, and tons more on Starring Robbie Shapiro. You told me to make my blog About the students, The stuff that goes on In their lives. Oh, and look, The world’s brightest key chain.

And, I’m gonna go out On a limb here and say That’s probably not Her natural hair color. I found this new Depilatory cream from sweden, And it totally made me Think of you. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Victorious s01e07 Episode Script | SS

I dunno, last night, This morning? Dude It’s not real victkrious. Tori then tells Robbie to write about the students at Hollywood Arts, but then he goes overboard. Among the subjects covered on the site are Tori’s grooming habits, Beck and Jade’s relationship, Andre’s alleged condiment troubles, and Cat’s newly found obsessive shopping habits. How’s everyone doin’ This fine day? Are you out of your mind? Robarazzi 04 Jun 7. What’s wrong with you guys? We’re not kicking you Off the Slap.


Rewind the video, Kill the volume, Zoom in on Tori And victofious it again.

Turn it on, turn it on. Start your free trial. You know, You don’t always have to be Mean to everyone.

Come on Rob, You wanna be a loser The rest of your life? You can turn that off now. Gimme back my clothes.

Stop embarrassing us On your dumb Robarazzi blog. But you can eat it. Let’s go fix this right now. You hit me, I’ll sue.

Victorious S01E07 Robarazzi

Beck, wait, wait, wait Wait up! Okay, I need to put victtorious end To this now. I don’t use any more ketchup Than the next guy. It also works on bushes.

Why do those kids Want pictures of you? Fresh as a daisy.

I’m sorry They wanna cancel your blog. Alex Ki Hong Lee Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Watcch maybe I can Talk my parents into giving me My credit card back. It was supposed To get here on Hey, why are you shooting this? Robbie wants a blog on The Slap, but the seniors want to shut it down because it’s boring.

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