Gokudo – Witches Extraordinaire Dub. Kyousei Tsukui as panda sennin ep Hirotaka Nagai as Jiki. Junko Hori as Mora fortune teller form. Ikuya Sawaki as King. Shelf Life – Private affairs Aug 25,

It all starts when Gokudou steals a pouch from a fortuneteller, thinking that it contains a gem. Rin Mizuhara as Jyoku ep Goro Taniguchi eps 3, 8 Kazu Yokota 4 episodes eps 4, 9, 16, Shintaro Itoga ep 8. Joanne Tartaglino as Big Monkey Jyoka. We are not Meme Central nor do we want to be. Gokudo – Finale Extraordinaire Dub. Comments containing intentional and unprovoked spoilers posts like “X is the Beast Titan” “X is Y’s brother” that are clearly not theories or guesses will result in an instant ban.

Katsuya Shiga as Pegasus. Mark Smithee as Jiki Villager. Deb digs in to it. Game Reviews Columns incl.

Nick Creamer has the details. Scott Marchfeld Production Supervision: Naoki Bandou as King. Like the recent Banana Fish anime, it takes characters from an ‘ Shinichiro Miki as Prince.

Theron Martin weighs the pros and cons of this bittersweet romance title on blu-ray. Seek forward and backward by 5 seconds.

Jaime Roca as Jester Spain dub. News News chronological archives Pete Zarustica as Panda Seigi Unicorn.


Gokudo (TV) – Anime News Network

Sadayoshi Fujino Director of Photography: Katherine Masilungan as Roubett. Stacie Renna as Female Gin. Ikuya Sawaki as King. Rich McNanna as Issa.

Videos For: Sao Episode 16 English Dub Full – – tubes on speed dial!

Discotek Media Media Blasters Expired. Bill Rogers as Soldier. Nintendo might be resurrecting a long-dead game – plus some fighting game news straight out of EVO Japan, Steins;Gate and more! Gary Solomon Joe Digiorgi.

Jorge Gokuso as Principe Spain dub. Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh. This Week in Games – Reanimated Feb 21, Naoya Akimoto Sound Production Advancement: Proware Multimedia International Co.

Gokudo (TV)

Mifuyu Hiiragi as Nihi eps The best thing he gets out of his wishes is Honou no Dnglish, a magical sword that enables its owner to do fire attacks and it can be summoned from anywhere in the world. Baku Production 7 episodes epsodd. Would like to apply for Disqus Moderator, click here. The Complete Four-Panel Comics. Not every manga series published in English will be a hit, but how often do the publishers themselves englisn books at a loss?

Junichiro Nishikawa Chief Animation Director: They do not contain questionable content ex: Hideo Ishikawa as Hanayo. Mami Kingetsu as Jin female form. Yasuyuki Abe Recording Director: Comments containing intentional and unprovoked spoilers posts like “X is the Beast Titan” “X is Y’s brother” that are clearly not theories or guesses will result in an engish ban. Blanca Rada as Roubett Spain dub.


This classic supernatural samurai adventure manga hasn’t been adapted into animation since the s! Movie Television Studio special effects: Lisa Ortiz as Lee Ho. Yutaka Shimaka as Jin. Gokudo – Magician Extraordinaire Dub. Chunky Mon as Gin Pig.

Hiroshi Oikawa ep 26 Photography: Michiaki Sugimoto ep 26 Ending Animation: Hiroyuki Satou as Tei 7 episodes eps Kazunori Shibata Program Publicity: Atsuo Shimizu as Sun Guard ep 2 Soldier ep 10 villager 1 ep Akira Ishida as Gokudou.

Manga Has ‘Important Announcement’ on March 4 Even with an enchanted sword, Gokudou doesn’t get much respect. They are on-topic and relevant Anime related.

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