I would admit I miss some of the old episodes such as the Tea Time or even the Hide and seek. There were some things that confused me, like Park Bo-young’s disappearance and the first half of the hunter period before CMS told them to ind his name tag. Just then, a shadowy figure lingers outside of the tents. But i do think that Jong Kook gave in to him a little out of respect and courtesy. Episode 6 by Helcat. A few key points that made me come to this conclusion that this one is heavily scripted down to the tithe:

Or is it all just scripted concept for all of Choi Minsoo’s appearance? Spartakooks comes marching in without a jacket and in loafers which basically tells us that this man is never cold. Kwon-ryul, is that you?! I was anticipating Bo Young and Min Soo’s appearance. Bo-young offers Jong-kook a sausage. Kang Ha Neul Cameo. He holds his umbrella out for Bo-young… and she accepts.

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Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. They exchange a dramatic and tearful goodbye. But then we roll the clocks back even further and see that Min-soo had planned wafch every teeny detail of this wild goose chase from the camping grounds to his sneaky entrances. I mean, a girl in a dark forest and someone grabs you by the knees? Suk-jin tugs at his half-buttoned shirt and it snaps open, giving us a sneak peek of those pecs.

So Jae-suk throw it datch it flies into the air… and Min-soo whips around at the last second. It’s a little bit confusing Suddenly, Min-soo leaps out and kshownoe him around the tents. Hm, I didn’t enjoy the episode much because it felt too scripted for Choi win. Dont like the hunting thing and Iam happy its over Choi min soo can easily tell them to all stand still and rhnning their own name tags out and they will do it out of respect and timidity towards him.


Spartakooks comes marching in without a jacket and in loafers which basically tells us that this man is never cold. Now I know what I want for Christmas. And when he burst through the screen, I think my heart stopped right then.

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But then at the very last second, the cast makes a run for it. She and Bachelor 1 bicker some more, making their disinterest towards the other loud and clear. Miss Moon ep is super good and the Three Seer is awesome tooo A VJ retrieves it for him but before he can throw it again, Min-soo rounds the corner.

In the last episode when Choi Minsoo came, I at least thought, wow, maybe Jaesuk has a chance, but in this episode, it was like watching the Runningman members go up against an omnipotent entity, and I had no one to root for.

The first Choi Min Soo appearance where they were all given a mission – now that is a better and more exciting plot. He pins them to the ground as Jae-suk asks why he had to come out of the screen like that. Gwang Soo as always make me laugh.

I think Jihyo was actually scared when CMS came at her. I was kinda like what?

Minsoo and Boyoung are great and all but I felt like I had to struggle to finish this episode. Song Jae Rim Cameo. Why so scary and funny? Lee Joon Gi Cameo.

Episode 4 by Regals. As much as people have said it was all scripted etc I still enjoyed this episode. This Msn believe is untrue.

But most of the time during the hunt, I kept wondering “what happened to the girl” I couldn’t remember her name I even thought she might be the guy in the cloak. If you google him, both Eun-hye and Geun-young come up in the searches too!


Jae-suk trudges up into the woods and spots a mysterious dark figure in the distance. Running man is meant to entertain, i think this episode was definitely without a doubt entertaining so kudos to the production team and the cast: Other than that, running man is still a great variety show! Its like they were first trying to find the ladies, then told to return to base camp and then told to set off again to find another card.

Each of the cast are pulled aside for a private reflection check-in. You ready to go up against the Hunter? They start their search for it, though they have no idea the pieces are scattered.

Episodes by LollyPip. Finally something about booster car seat.

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I actually loved this episode from beginning to end. The whole time I was thinking, how is this is fair to RM? The other boys successfully find the boxes and head back to the projector as instructed. At the opportune moment, he kidnaps one of the staff. Gwangsoo was the best thing that happened during this episode.

It looks like luck might be on his side as he retraces his steps and finds the rest of the pieces. It may seem like Min-soo had the upper hand but it wasn’t so because the odds were balanced with whatever rules that were used at the moment.

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