Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Find a Watch The Duck – Anatidaephobia first pressing or reissue. That’s as high as my taste has to aspire? This is pretty stunning. Because Radiohead remixes still have a bit too much Radiohead in there for my taste, i prefer the year-old Canadian’s original stuff, and “Another Girl” is a sublime highlight. Gallifrey Newsagents Ltd est AD 9 months ago. Still don’t know if i made the right choice.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Anatidaephobia [ Clean] at Amazon. John Peel – Radio Bremen, 13th February 1 week ago. Dylan wisman liked a video. Remembered this tune after a recent conversation with Pip, and it’s a bit of a cracker. Wednesday, 20 July Song of the day: In fact, very little emerged from my new hirelings.

There’s something of the Mad Men era about it, tho. A woman was sexually assaulted and her brother was rightfully upset. I await ‘s blizzard of Winterval fabrications with interest.

This would not do. North American Victory Lap P h arts 1 and 2!!!! Aurist on Tom Ravenscroft show!

Shop Vinyl and CDs. Later anatidaephobiq, about 30 people all seemed to turn up at once, most of whom weren’t making any attempt to wear a costume, and the vibe started shifting from “Noah’s Ark theme” to “regular house party with a fucking weird guy standing around wearing a sack”. They’d probably hit their time, but they couldn’t quite find this resolution, and Jools Holland te to just walk across and introduce Elbow. Srs- audio- sandbox- bit. It’d be interesting to know if Antoine Dodson, who was able to move his family out of the projects from his share of the “Bed Intruder Song” proceeds, has heard this, and if so what he warch of it.


This is the only important rule about writing you need to remember.

Tuesday, 12 July Song of the day: Thursday, 30 June gay against you Wikipedia article. This crappy bluescreen video represents the best quality sound version of the song on YouTube, unfortunately. Download on the App Store Get it on Google.

Can’t front, Thom Yorke ‘s obviously got some good taste. Remembered this tune after a recent conversation with Pip, and anatidaephovia a bit of a cracker.


Now that my American readers i know there’s at least, like, 3 of you have access to Spodify too, i feel less bad about sharing playlists and stuff on it. Hit me up if you’re rolling your eyes at this like “duh! He is, of course, Auristand this time the track is “Dekindling”, the lead track from his newest album Not Herewhich if you were reading yesterday, you’ll know was put out by Amoebic Industries Unltd.

On a long-enough timeline everything starts to become sound art.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Anatidaephobia [ Clean] at Amazon. It was like Keith Richards in the 70s getting a complete change of blood or something. Wednesday, 3 August Song of the day: Tom says it’s “charming”, and a listener agrees, adding that the experience is “like filtering gin gently over amplified rocks”.


Rufus Harley was the first jazz musician to adopt the Highland bagpipes as his instrument of choice. They were making a good living making music, but something was lacking. So, briefly, here’s why i hate the 27 Club. Lawd knows why this song has a mere YouTube views, it’s been cracking me up at intervals for a while now.

But i’m not really a philosopher, so maybe someone else can take on that one. Unlike a few other SCAMS and associated bands videos, i don’t think i actually do anything on this one, except for maybe hanging around chatting nonsense while Sing and Andy painstakingly manipulated bowls of water, plastic cels and paint etc.

This is pretty stunning. Watch The Duck’ s official music video for ‘ Poppin’ Off’.

anatiidaephobia Clearing out some old Twitter links, found this from last August. Been meaning to do a post about Xrin Arms pron.

The Trojan Horse EP.


Baby BluecompetitionDelusionistship-hopremixvideo. You don’t really know enough about them to assume anything. Ben Myers, Man Of Letters.

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