I can’t believe that we can finally buy one! Please log in using your Ganz World account. Webkinz World Ganz Estore. Can’t buy one on all accts, but will be able to one at least 3!! For your records, your new GanzWorld login information will be emailed to your inbox. If it could’ve only waited one more week, I could have gotten the screen!!! Rewards Webkinz Newz Parent Club.

Ahhh, the power WI has to light a fire under Ganz’s behind!! This step is governed by our Privacy Policy. Get ready for fireworks! Originally Posted by Jthegymnast. Join Webkinz Insider for free! I wonder how long the rest of us have to wait? I can’t believe that we can finally buy one!

It is 40, kc in my account, not the 32, on the top of this page Please keep me informed of special offers, promotions and contest information from Ganz and its selected partners. If it could’ve only waited one more week, I could have gotten the screen!!!

Always get your parents’ permission before chatting or giving out information online.

Check out the video! Originally Posted by AnthonysMommy.

Colossal Movie Screen Coming to Arte’s Curio Shop!

I hope it is going to do more than a TV does! OMG I need to start saving! Webkinz Newz Ganz Parent Club. According to the item description, the screen plays an exclusive animated surprise and is so large that it will only fit in a large-sized room in your Webkinz home. You’re almost finished the membership process! There are currently 4 users and guests online. Learn more about GanzWorld: Are you sure you want to skip? If you currently have separate Webkinz Newz and Ganz Parent Club accounts, this step is very important.


Movie Magic Theme

Your confirmation email has been sent! Please enter your parent’s or legal guardian’s email below:. We’ve sent an email to with an activation link. You’ll need a username for your GanzWorld account. We wanted to get this article out as quickly as possible so everyone can start colodsal their Kinz Cash!

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Please create a GanzWorld username and enter your password below:. Invite all of your favorite friends over for a movie night they will never forget!

Please fill out the form below. An email has been sent to your parents at asking permission to create your GanzWorld account.

Colossal Movie Screen Coming to Arte’s Curio Shop!

If you have a Ganz Parents Club account that you’d like to combine with your accountyou can enter you login information cllossal. Webkinz World players with Asian accounts can purchase this Rare first. Thanks WI for letting us know the info.


I would have missed it if it wasn’t for you!

I am so excited and have enough money when it comes up for sale. We’re unsure as to when it will appear, but we wanted to give everyone advance warning of the 40, Kinz Cash price tag. I’ll will be saving the money to buy that. I moie bought it on my Asian account Yep, that’s 4 zeros after the 4! Originally Posted by jagular.

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