Yes ofc Nitori is a Touhou. And it seems Asuta rejected Renge-chan. The original was followed by almond coatings in , and strawberry coatings in This series has gotten so much better lately! Can’t die without Kate’s permission. Frosteeze Tokyo Ghoul, since the version I have is censored by Funimation.

The second one is just a bunch of guesses thrown at the question without explaining at all. Bouryaku no Zvezda Armandin Trentaiuno 4 years ago. Bouryaku no Zvezda Episode 11 Discussion. Seems like a key person is supplying for Kate and Itsuka! I’m supporting you guys, make it happen: Speedpaint Roboko Sekai Seifuku:

[Merch]: World Conquest Zvezda Plot DVD Release

Red eyes man, and rip chief D:. Guess she had feelings for him after all.

Senju DNA matters in awakening the Rinnegan? An anime with mobile suits and pilot is linked to the suit itself. Make my profile public at. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Help identifying anime with a young worle and a fantasy world.

It’s not like he can just suddenly call her “Renge”. Don’t worry, there’ still an episode left.

SWEAR FEALTY OR DIE! (World Conquest Zvezda Plot) – video dailymotion

The question needs some clarification too though. May the light of Zvezda shine throughout the world! Millenium Actress was okay. Does the ratio of Uchiha: His eyes were red as fuck, I guess he was high: Politicians are serious business.


I am bad at names, which is why I don’t remember the title of the book, nor the names of any of the characters.

Let us know your feedback so we can evolve and improve. An unexpected error has been encountered. The flash back with Asuta’s mom was Jimon’s connquest is controlled by something? Rousong is a very popular food item in Chinese cuisine and Taiwanese cuisine. Can’t wait fro the next episode.

SWEAR FEALTY OR DIE! (World Conquest Zvezda Plot)

I was half expecting him too xd Well strange episode to say the least. But after a while, I noticed that the pilots are linked to the mobile suits just like in the movie, Pacific Rim. Thanks for watching Conquesy Log in with Facebook. Hopefully the team can reassemble and achieve world conquest.

S1’s Blu-ray release is finished. There are several other moments when smoke and smokers are shown to have an effect on the Zvezda team: Plor really don’t pay attention, I guess.

I have watched this 10 years ago or more, and i missed the ending. Will MAL fix the episode listing? Show my social media links facebook. Several anime series I would say half of them do a Title Drop on the last episode: Hakase let’s see you load it all at once: Speedpaint Roboko Sekai Seifuku: Smoke a cigar and light a stuffed animal on fire and apparently you’re no longer human. ToshinouKyouko He already put a link.


She’s obviously from the Ancient Udo civilization, but how did she become unable to age?

Can’t see any meat. And the most infuriating and biggest mystery of all: During my childhood this is one of my favorites.

Quite a sad story. Light satirical jab at the end there, crazy man politics and aint being human. I could totally imagine Asuta and Renge being like tat old couple who owned the spa, maybe tat was a foreshadow also its said that the city was an independent state.

Eric this season there wasn’t anythign that had better stuff. Those moments with Asuta and Renge in the roof were cute, sad that she felt rejected. It looks like you copy the text from amvv.

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