About a week ago, Austin said they were taking a break from blogging for a week. You don’t divorce on Monday then “rebrand” on Tuesday The more I am looking into these threads The 3 after that are screenshots of them flirting. I’ve seen Audri naked or barely naked in their vlogs more times than I needed to. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

It’s like she wants to still act like a stay at home mom. If it’s someone you know, talk to them about it. Like if you didn’t know the man-child she’s married to, you’d never know she’s in an IR herself. I was just on this thread a week ago and noticed no one had posted since April They throw shade so damn classy. If I were Austin I’d be knocking my head against the wall right now, not liking tweets. That isnt anything in his control. So was it May or May ?

That pissed me off to be honest. That isnt anything in his control. Meaning that the affair started right around the time they found out Brit was pregnant, the beginning of this year. Tt I havent watched in a long while.

Board index All times are UTC. We found out Brit was pregnant January Even without air conditioning.

Austin has also changed his instagram name from thenivenulls to the austinnull. That closet on the 3rd floor is about shoulder wide and 12 feet long, Why? I havent seen the video yet. Tried to give you reputationpoint but that has also changed.


By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. If he had stayed off of LSA, he may have never been exposed. The more I am looking into these threads Poor Britt, how embarrassing. The first is a dgama of the guy austin’s been flirting with on twitter.

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I wish you newbies stop asking for a link Thanks x 16 Hugs! It just seems so disingenuous to me. Dec 31, Ya’ll, I can’t take the suspense RE: There’s a whole chunk missing in the conversation from the dms Austin posted.

Cmon ytt, it’s not that hard! Someone on LSA brought to light this year long flirtatious relationship Austin has been having openly with a gay man on twitter.

Britters has gone ghost, oooh this better be good! So is the Black Panamanian here? What I don’t get is why they don’t mokma make the attic one giant room.

Mommaa found the Playlist vlog and he might actually have that mole centre mpmma. I would honestly be on a war path if I were Britt. Im so glad this isn’t over! I hate when people do grimey shit, and then only when they’re caught they pull a and it’s all about God and forgiveness and the light.

The next one is a tweet Austin liked and the last two are direct proof that Austin was trying to hook up with another man. At midnight, the MAN Austin was sexting will tell his side.


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Discussing this mess is one thing but actively searching for more scandalous vids or picture while tweeting them to his friends and family definitely crosses a line. May 20, I don’t think she realizes the long term affect this may have on Britt, both of their families and the kids. But I think it’s more to do with Britt being lonely and needing attention. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.

Nive Nulls Discussion Thread 5

Someone wrote and asked this: Nah Britt, you’re not forcing this one down the altar. I’ve seen Audri naked or barely naked in their vlogs more times than I needed to. Everyone makes mistakes, mojma doesn’t have to be the thing that ruins you! Britt’s TJMaxx ads have been popping up on my facebook ads.

I could never be with someone like that. If not they will be reminded from time to tome their dad is a complete ass hole. I’m black, I was only here to find the video, I found some stuff picsI’m nosy as hell and a lurker, and I follow thenivenulls blogs so I searched about the cheating after they posted their latest video.

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