This was the deciding factor for me that made Yuta my ultimate favourite. They called themselves the Fukumimi Duo. This was the first route I played of this game and it made me fall in love with this particular game! This story definitely hit a home run with me and at points I was really crying, or laughing. In almost every way and it made me like him even more. Then lets make a baby!

Figure by blossomdrops reviews She looks at him with love and by his actions, she knows he loves her too. Will she be able to sustain a life for herself and get a job? This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. This favorite contains spoilers. Ryonita is my character name from my forged wedding. The sexy angry face: Not to mention his picture is sexy and the email is just as amazing.

As I had to take care and get to know Shun he really grew on me. As for avatar mission, save up your mari because the avatars juta be costly.

They called themselves the Fukumimi Duo. His possessive and jealous side and his passionate and bold side. This was the deciding factor for me that made Yuta my ultimate favourite. Ever since that day, her parents urged her to meet up with her distant uncle, Kunihiko Aikawa, and stay with him for the summer to recuperate and heal.

Yuta Kajima asked MC to pose as a girl for him to confess his love to for a reality show.

The more stories I read of his, the more I fall in love with him! I by cascadedkiwi reviews Oneshot.

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It turned out be a very heartfelt beautiful sentimental story which I ended up loving. June 20, Categories: However, he didn’t seem to be happy regarding to that as he claimed that he had no one he love at the moment. He is so sweet and amazing and the story was absolutely amazing! Let me know what you guys think of it too in the comments below. Kiss him Ask him Remain quiet Is a long-distance relationship okay? And not being able to voice it to the close one, hurts even more.


Now this made me weary a little bit because I was hoping for another romance story, not forgrd family story. That customer ran back inside paid his bill and jetted.

This site uses cookies. Will Yamato and the gang be able to get her to open up to them and save her from the depression that is slowly consuming her? Will she be able to sustain a life for herself and get a job? Yuta became popular through the show and his boss wanted them to act like a real couple. What have you done!?!

I know I want to show the world my capabilities and to achieve my dreams and share my individual success with the one I love, and I want whomever my partner is to understand that and be supportive. There are two different endings. Elli keeps her past hidden from the guys as she doesn’t want to burden them with her troubles.

Yuta came up to be a comedian when his high school friend approached him to be his performing partner.

Clarita Beaumont’s Sanctuary: My Forged Wedding: PARTY [Yuta Kajima’s Walkthrough – Season 2]

Aikawa 2 by gniwek12 reviews Here is the second part to my Aikawa series. As a woman living in North America this struggle is the norm for me. You also get 4 reward pictures and 10 emails for completing the chapters. Crazy shenanigansmisunderstandings, a threat to a marriage can Charlotte and Takao’s’ love gorged as life changes around them. Which ending you get depends on how well you choose to play the game. Joelle’s sister is to be staying with them for the weekend Ren wasn’t too happy he wouldn’t be spending his weekend alone with Joelle.


So just fill out the form below and send it in and I’ll try to have your oneshot out as soon as possible!

This story is the best and my absolute favourite and I think any girl who has dreams and aspirations of her own will like this.

Characters and game all owned and created yjta Voltage inc.

February 28, Categories: It was very different from most of the stories in any voltage game. Firged was my excuse to get to play it again!

Yuta Kajima Season 2 (MFWP) REVIEW

It would be surreal. I promise tomorrows will be shorter! Ryonita is my character name from my forged wedding. He is a whiter after all I guess. It will be much more fulfilling than that coffee and you can reread it whenever you want! Walkthrough for Season 2 is out!

DAMN that was long. The Good Parts SongFics collection: After surviving the media mayhem, MC and Yuta finally caught a breakthrough. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences.

And the 10 emails we got we got to see the sweet side of Takao again which I cannot get enough of! I met Lily at seqson bar. wdeding

At the day of the live reality TV confession, a technical malfunction occurred and almost injured MC. Will they make it though everything? You will not be able to get the Super Happy End on making the right choices alone unless you play the story during Double Chemistry Fever.

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