Vorontsov can not understand, who of brothers is Vadim or Anton – hidden on a garret. Add Image S3, Ep9. Guys experience from Dasha. Elena again becomes head master and presents to the students of new teachers. A strange creature that steals a meal appears at school. Mitya decides to poison Jack. Back to Alexander Avdeev memory begins to go.

From the room of Morozov a suitcase disappears with money. Vika experiences from death of Oleg and his final says. Maria is exposed to the mockeries in a funny house. And guys find out why exactly Sonya and Misha became the victims of “Ingrid”. Add the first question. Victor succeeds to run from the chamber. Guys hope to save Dasha. Vera and Volodya try to know a secret code from a jib door in a cave.

The team investigates an attempt on Igor’s life and Lera’s kidnapping. Volodya knows, by what method Vera obtains information. Tamara and Morozov worry about safety of the son. Add Image S3, Ep6.

At a sarcophagus with a body Ingrid Liza loses consciousness. Denis comes to oneself. Guys try to get to the cave, to setie Oleg. Guys try to tell a true about death of Sonya to her aunt. Andrey helps friends to get out from a cave. Morozov convinces guys, that Dasha betrayed them and left from school, but Ann tells the truth to them.


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To Victor is badly on eyes for Ann, she gives the telephone of clinic to Victor, where able him to help. Dasha does not want to believe that Oleg said to them.

A new student – Liza arrives in school. Andrey is jealous Dasha of Nikita.

Denis and his girl-friend conduct own investigation that becomes too dangerous. Vera and Volodya understand that it was in the box of Krylov. Vera and Volodya understand that links Tamara and Morozov. Liza again is ghost Yulia, she pleads Liza for a help.

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Galina tells to Vorontsov, why she took part in the substitution of children in child’s house. Guys try to find at school a room on that specified them girl-ghost. Elena requires, that Yana arrested Vorontsov immediately.

Between friends a quarrel flashes from connection of Andrey and Ann. Seire Storyline The aimless pleasure loving son of a rich and powerful Russian arrested for street racing through Moscow’s streets while high on drugs. Alisa and Yura undertake to arrange the personal life of Galina.

Andrey suffers from suspicions on an occasion Daska.

Morozov tries to kill Maria. Back to Alexander Avdeev memory begins to go. Galina at last meets with a grandchild. Guys find Oleg, in extreme moments he has time to report a frightful true to Vika and Dasha.


Another man perishes at school. Knyaz asks Pavel more carefully to study a cave. Vera decides to nose after Vadim and gets to the cave.

The list of living nazi criminals of Knyaz grows short. The relations of guys become tense from the words of lost Oleg. Andrey comes to Ann, to know about the father. Victor finds striking documents in the apartment of Krylov. Nadya finds on the window a gift decides that he was brought by rosening Gnome. Add Image S3, Ep5. Vika experiences from death of Oleg and his final says.

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