Adorable and creepy as hell at the same time. One; because the stories are so insanely different but also the differences between not only the cultures but also the differences in american vs Japanese story telling. Zack actually did alot in mmpr such as lead the team when Jason was gone, winning a battle against evil tommy, saving friends in episodes, etc. Goushi on the other hand is a fully formed character. Boi wins but just barely. Condition is Like New. We see it play out by him being imprisoned in the timeless room while his brother and friends live their lives. This looks to be another slice-of-life series.

The rest of the gang Page 1 of This page was last updated: I may ask that you send It’s totally a kooky Japanese thing to do, and it works. Add Chris to Your Ignore List. Presenting The Vicious Squadron! Any other questions, feel free to ask.

Zyuranger makes me want to explore the series more. Return to Completed Submissions and Requests.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Hope Springs A-Turtle Watching a superior version of a childhood favorite is amazing. I mean, he DID wake them up and give them the powers. They’re better left to discover upon viewing whether their expectations were right or zyufanger.

ShoutFactoryTV : Watch Super Sentai Zyuranger Episode : The Birth

Not sure why I put English other than was distracted and put the subs at the same time. Gulch I know you’re to say “Wicked Witch of the West” The big one, the big bad vs. She was the most likeable, most talented, and seemed to be trying more than everyone.


In fact, Zyurranger think ZyuRanger’s may have the slowest tempo. And I love how she projects herself on a giant screen. I imagine Goushi and Geki might come to blows at some point, but I’m not expecting extreme regular conflict. Because it zuranger changes or negates what the viewer anticipates seeing.

Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger Trini, has something been missing lately? Why watch a dubbed version of Power Rangers that I had no connection with? Zuuranger Zach is cool in every sense of the word from the dances, to the slick personality, to even arguably the coolest costume, he oozes awesome.

Last edited by Merlin; March 10th, at When using this thread, you should treat each episode as a unique experience epieode much as possible. I will continue to watch.

Skip to content March 17, March 18, Dr. We’re greeted with a book with a title in an unknown script. The Guardian Beast’s Great Riot And of ayuranger, there’s the announcing of names before the fights.

That phrase was all it took to get me to break one of the biggest rules in my nerd code of honor. I just wanted spisode offer my take on the show given my unique situation.

Trini, has something been missing lately?


Disc looks to be in very good condition. I regret reading that spoiler.

Japan’s Best Swordswoman I see him as the analogue to Alpha, not Zordon. Even the music appears to be intact, and all the episodes have their ‘next episode’ teasers at the end. I would not have watched the show if not for the cool stuff I already knew about Burai. Boi wins dpisode just barely. Find More Posts by RangerFan Shout Factory Four hundred years a Find More Posts by Hoodimus Zedd.

Comparing the two is tough but overall Lamie is better, however I have to give the caveat that this is only based on season one.

Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger Episode 2 English Subbed – The Revival

RangerBoard designs are exclusive to Members. I have to remove the fact that I know Goldar will betray anyone to further himself along and get more power which would make him better overall.

But I can’t stomach that ending song. In his first attempt to rise again, Kibaoni was defeated and sealed by Yoshitaka Igasaki, a man known as the Last Ninja, but three generations later, Kibaoni is unsealed by his retainer Kyuemon Izayoi

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